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HLL | SOI | Hell Let Loose Engineer and Support Class 13SEP23 - S1 Completed

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Class: Hell Let Loose Engineer and Support Class (Instructor Run Through)
Date: 13SEP23

Sergeant Major Anthony Preacher
Sergeant First Class Johnny Becks
Corporal Wesley Travis
Chief Warrant Officer Ryan Mullins
First Lieutenant Jay Cameron

First Sergeant Sostak Sven
Corporal Patrice Voci

Since this is the initial run please graduate the instructors.

Announcement  2023 Recordings of 1st Battalion Observation of Cav Memorial Day

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Full VOD

On Sunday, August 27th, 2023, troopers, NCOs, and officers gathered together for the yearly 1st Battalion observance of memorial day to honor our fallen comrades. Attached are two methods in which you can view the ceremony.

Hosted by:
Second Lieutenant Highman.J
Chief Warrant Officer 2 Berg.J

Ceremony Pilots:
Chief Warrant Officer 3 Sutodoreh.W
Chief Warrant Officer 2 Berg.J
Chief Warrant Officer 2 Villmarsson.L
Corporal Bane.K
Private First Class Brawl.B

Lieutenant Colonel Burton.P
Second Lieutenant Highman.J
Corporal Dixon.E

Film Produced by: @7cavblack858 Corporal Allan Black

Livestream Produced by: @zaren5210 Corporal Trygve Zaren