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Announcement 1/B/1-7 PSG Position Opening - Closed

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1/B/1-7 Platoon Sergeant Position Opening

Bravo Troop 1-7 is currently accepting applications for the billet of Platoon Sergeant. If you do not meet all of the requirement but are still interested, you are encouraged to submit an application regardless.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Listed below is the process for billet selection for PSG for all Troopers across the Regiment.
    • Be in good standing with no active negative actions.
    • Maintained the MOS billet of SL for a minimum of 30 days prior to application.
    • Be at the minimum rank of Sergeant or higher upon application.
    • Submit an application upon position opening and following the application process.
    • Applications received prior to 27APR21 will be reviewed by Troop Staff.

    Exceptions to the above may be made based on the needs of the regiment, and with a waiver approved by the Chief of Staff pursuant to the policy and submitted by the receiving Troop Staff.
    If you are interested in leading but lack any of these requirements, approach your Chain of Command in the first instance.
    If you have questions about the role itself, approach the Bravo Troop First Sergeant.
    If interested in applying, please send a forum PM with your letter of interest addressed to Captain Alex Storm & First Sergeant Juvenis Cobel

    Thank you,

ARMA 3 | Basic Land Navigation Graduation

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ARMA3 | Advanced Armor Crewman Course Graduations

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Class: Advanced Armor Crewman Course
Date: 03 April 2021



Specialist Eagas.L

ARMA3 | ACE | BFWE | 02APR21 - S1 Complete

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Class: Basic Fixed Wing Evaluation

Date: 02-04-2021


Specialist Bill Chaney




HLL | SOI | BACC | 29MAR21 - S1 Complete

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Class: Basic Armor Crewman Course

Date: 29MAR21






Recent Discharges from E/2-7

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Troopers of the 7th Cavalry,

It is with a heavy heart we have had to see so many of our friends in the Squad Area of Operation depart our beloved community. We can appreciate that, to many of you, this will be deeply concerning and that you will have many questions.

We ask that during this time you have some appreciation that your immediate chain of command may not have the full details and will be just as concerned as you are. We would like to address some of those concerns and to make clear the Regiment’s position on this issue.

Echo Company, Second Battalion is solely focused on the Squad AO. It has been successful and is made up of lots of passionate players. They state that they have made many attempts to address several issues through the primary and secondary billet chain of command without them being addressed.

One such issue of contention has been the quality of user experience on the Public Server, specifically high pings (anecdotally reported as higher than 2000ms) and incorrect rumours about the server hosting specifications that we provided funded by donations through our partner OVH.

Yesterday evening, the Squad AO, attended by members of Regimental and Battalion staff ran a test of the public server to ascertain data which would help refine the problem-statement associated to the reported issues. This is not the first test, but previous tests had been inconclusive in the identification of issues. We received valuable diagnostics including identification of a ping increase unilaterally for most players after reaching the 80-player mark.

Once this test had concluded, an emotionally charged, passionate meeting lasting 3.5 hours began. In that meeting many tense and difficult moments arose, with hostile language and discourse shared between all parties. It is regrettable that things were said in the heat of the moment which will for many have a lasting impact on those present.

It is apparent to the 7th Cavalry’s leadership that many of those...

2nd Battalion Staff officer position open.

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2nd Battalion has an opening for a single staff officer.

the requirements for this position are here, https://wiki.7cav.us/wiki/Battalion_Staff_-_Duties_and_Responsibilities.

you may apply if you are currently(or formerly) at the rank of captain.

Please send your intent to apply for this position to myself, LTC. Larouche, and SGM. Terlizzi via pm.

Thank you.

PAFs online

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PAFs should now be online. If there are teething pains, please submit an S6 ticket

PAFs are now availible via the link in the resources tab at the top of the website, via the link 'https://7cav.us/form/'

The key difference here between the old site and this new one, is how the 'PAF' is handled at the trooper/submitter level.

Now it's just one form (with a convenient link https://7cav.us/paf) where you enter the relevant details. For receiving staff, there is one forum to watch - https://7cav.us/forums/363/

Once you process a PAF using the relevant tools, or just action them yourself, please move the PAF thread to either 'Processed or Cancelled'

If you have any questions, you can reply here. For help or technical issues, please use an S6 ticket.

Info Discord Sync: How to guide

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How to setup discord sync with the forums....
Read more.

Announcement MILPACs now Active

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Now that MILPACs is now active, I've hidden the Barracks forum area from non-cav members.

Please be patient while S1 works through the list of users. For more information on S1's strategy for processing MILPAC profiles, click here