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Announcement 7th Cavalry Arma 3 Modpack Update - September 2021

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Arma Modpack Update: 4Q 2021

Release Date:

The next version of our Arma 3 Modpack is being released today! A Zip file containing presets for our public and private modpacks can be downloaded here: https://downloads.7cav.us/arma/7cav_preset_090821.zip. Please download it to import the presets and download the mods required as soon as possible! You can then use those presets through the Arma 3 Launcher to download the mods and launch your game. More information about the modpack can also be found at our Wiki at https://wiki.7cav.us/wiki/7th_Cavalry_Arma_3_Mod_Set.

Public Modpack

For the public modpack, our primary focus was adding more essential mods to help showcase the Cav while keeping the overall mod count low enough to still be able to function with the technical limitations of the "set up mods and join" function on the Arma 3 launcher. We hope that this will help to make the server still easily accessible to new players and also give Cav members more mods from our private modpack to be able to host SP's and perform most of their MOS' duties with more equipment that we are used to having available in our private modpack. This is always a hard balance to strike, but we think we've done the best we can that will make the most people happy balanced with these technical limitations. The new modpack launch today will also come with a new set of Domination missions that we hope will reinvigorate enthusiasm on our Arma 3 Tactical Realism Public Server!

DOWNLOAD: Tactical Realism Steam Workshop Collection...

Announcement Arma 3 | S7-ACE | Rotary Crew Instructor Opening

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Arma 3 Aviation Center of Excellence Rotary Crew Instructor Opening

The S7 Department Arma 3 The ACE School has a Rotary Crew Instructor opening.

Minimum Requirements:
  • Minimum rank of Specialist [E-3]
  • No negative action


  • Instructors in any course should have the course qualification prior to attending as an assistant instructor. For new courses, the course developers will run the course for the first few runs.
  • Instructors are required to assist or lead instruct a course at least once monthly. Instructors who fail to meet this minimum requirement will receive a Developmental Counseling Statement (DCS). Subsequent failures to meet the minimum requirement will result in removal from the department.
  • Previous Instructors that were out of the S7 Department longer than 6 months have to do a refresher on all courses the school offers in the form of one assist before they can teach courses on their own

How to Apply:

If interested in applying, please send a forum PM to First Sergeant Summerfield.P and Second Lieutenant Dread.M

Thank you!


Arma 3 | IS | Advance Care Course - 30AUG21 - S1 Completed

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Class: Advance Care Course
Date: 30AUG21


Chief Warrant Officer 2 Rav.T
Sergeant Kastor.K

Specialist Whitfield.L

Sergeant Major Nexhex.A


Announcement 1-7 2021 Recruitment Competition - 08SEP21 to 08OCT21

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1-7 2021 Recruitment Competition

To coincide with the launch of a new modpack and a new Domination mission file on our Arma 3 Tactical Realism 2 Public Server, 1-7 Battalion will be hosting a recruitment competition from 08SEP21 to 08OCT21 for one month. Troopers, Squads, and Companies within the Battalion will earn points doing recruitment activities and compete with one another for top recruiter, top Squad, and top Company!

Recruitment Drive Presentation

Who Needs to Participate?

Everyone! This will be a recruiting competition with individual winners competing within the entire Battalion, Section/Squad winners for Top Squad, and a Company winner for Top Company (see the above presentation for details and rewards). So your individual, Section, and Company bragging rights are at stake! Once the competition starts on 08SEP21, it's time to represent!

Further, every level of the 1-7 Chain of Command will be involved and have a role in administering the competition by helping to keep score.
  • Section Leaders will tally the points for their own section members and include the results for each week in their Weekly SL Reports due every Monday at 0700Z
  • Platoon Staff will compile weekly total numbers for both their sections and individuals (the latter of which should have already been done by SL's) within their own platoon, add it up to a Platoon total, and submit the weekly results in their Weekly Platoon Staff notes due every Wednesday at 0700Z
  • Company Staff will compile the weekly total numbers for their platoons (which should have already been done by Platoon Staff), add it up to a Company total, and submit the weekly results in their...

HLL | SOI | BICT | 29 AUGUST 21 - S1 Completed

S7 2IC Opening

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I would like to invite any members interested in the 2IC role within S7 to an application and short interview.

Please send a PM to myself and Burg outlining why you are fit for the role as well as some times you have availability for the interview.

Application submissions will close on 16AUG2021


HQ | LDS | NCOA Phase 2 | 01AUG21 - S1 Completed

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NCOA Phase II Graduation​



Effective with this posting the following individuals have completed the requirements set forth by the 7th Cavalry, Non-Commissioned Officer Academy. They have applied themselves and showed dedication to furthering their position within the 7th Cavalry. Please join me in congratulating our new graduates.

Specialist Chris Bacon
Specialist Marc Beauchamp
Specialist Hanz Jinto
Specialist George Konn
Specialist Cody McNeely
Specialist David Charles Miller
Specialist Rami Ramirez
Specialist Alexander John Stewart
Specialist Cecil Bearden
Reservist Yuri Kazak

Sergeant Major Apollo Nexhex
Sergeant Anthony Preacher


SL Opening 1/1/A/1-7

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1/1/A/1-7 Section Leader Position Opening

Alpha Company 1-7 is currently accepting applications for the billet of Section Leader. If you do not meet all of the requirement but are still interested, you are encourage to submit an application regardless.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Be in good standing with no active negative actions
  • Maintained the MOS billet of ASL for a minimum of 30 days prior to selection or submit an application as a Trooper
  • Be at the minimum rank of Corporal or higher prior to selection
  • Submit an application upon position opening and following the application process unless company/platoon staff select an ASL to fill the role
  • Candidates reviewed by Staff


  • Take Care of Troopers
  • Support the Assistant Squad/Section Leader the completion of their duties.
  • Individual Training
  • Roll Call
  • Reports
  • Recruitment
  • SOP Familiarization - Keep yourself up to date with standard operating procedures as detailed in the 7th Cav Wiki.
  • Section Practice - Plan and conduct a section practice (SP) in accordance with standards and guidelines outlined by the Platoon and Company Staff.

How to Apply:
If interested in applying, please send a forum PM with your letter of interest addressed to Hobbs.T, Summerfield.P, Dread.M, and Abbassi.G
SL Opening 1/1/A/1-7.

S7 OIC opening CLOSED

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I would like to invite any members interested in the OIC role within S7 to an application and short interview.

Please send a PM to myself and Burg outlining why you are fit for the role as well as some times you have availability for the interview.


HLL | SOI | BLNCC | 26JUL21 - S1 Completed