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B/ACD 1SG Opening - 8FEB23

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The B/ACD 1SG position is available, and we are looking for a dedicated individual to fill this role.

The following are the requirements for the position:

Minimum Requirements:

  • Be in good standing with no active negative actions.
  • Be at the minimum rank of SGT
  • Letter of interest from Applicant to the Command Sergeant Major Nexhex.A , ACD Sergeant Major Preacher.A , and B/ACD Company Staff Cree.T James.P
  • The final selection is approved by the ACD Sergeant Major and B/ACD Company Commander

  • Daily Duties
    • Take Care of Troopers - When on Discord be available for your troopers. Be prompt when responding to requests for assistance over Discord or the forums.
    • Make an effort to meet with members of the Platoon Staff to build a rapport and ensure a positive working relationship with them.
    • Spend time with troopers and leadership within your Company.
    • Administrative tasks - Ensure transfers, AWOLs, PAF Logs and discharges happen in a timely manner, and monitor them for any changes to the Company Strength.
    • Counseling - Issue appropriate counseling measures as required to ensure understanding and compliance with all rules, regulations, and minimum expectations.
    • Promotions - Follow Regimental SOP in regard to promotion recommendations passed up from within the Company. Perform spot checks to ensure no one who meets promotion requirements has been overlooked.
    • Ensure information is passed up and down the Chain of Command in a timely manner.
  • Weekly Duties
    • Accountability - Ensure you are attending one Squad / Section practice a week within the Company.
    • Roll Call - Ensure Squad roll calls are posted in the appropriate area of the forums no later than 0700HRS Zulu every Sunday.
    • Report Follow-up - Follow up with Platoon Staff...

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