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Join the Battlefield Starter Platoon in our first operation
- Kaiserschlacht -

"The defeat of Russia in the east allowed Germany to concentrate its forces for one massive assault on the British sectors. The initial "hurricane" bombardment was heard from as far away as London. General Ludendorff then ordered his storm troopers to attack the enemy trench lines."

The 7th Cavalry Battlefield 1 Starter Platoon welcomes all to join us on TeamSpeak 3 in the BF1 channels and form a party to join a operations map together.

When ?
Saturday 03-DEC-2016 2200 ZULU (1600 EST, 1500 CST)

What do I need ?
A working headset or headphones and microphone for best communication
Teamspeak info ts3.7cav.us:9987 password > 7thCavalry (case-sensitive)
Please note that you have to upgrade your security level to at least 30 to join.
You can download teamspeak here (it is free):

Kaiserschlacht features the probably best BF1 trench warfare map which guarantees to blow you away (quite literally). The gameplay gives you an exceptional complete immersion into the First World War infantry, tank and airplane fighting.

Historical background:
The Kaiserschlacht (German: Kaiser's Battle) follows Operation Michael of the German's 1918 Spring Offensive. Imperial German Army forces attack the British defenses at the St Quentin Scar and the French city of Amiens, possessing 3 Battalions of reinforcements to complete the Operation.

Operations is a new game mode introduced in Battlefield 1. The objective is for the attacking team to push the frontline forward until they conquer the map while the defenders must hold each sector while they still have reinforcements. Operations is played as a succession of maps, from 9 sectors on 2 maps ( like in Kaiserschlacht) and up to 13 sectors on 3 maps.

Visit our reddit page and leave comments if you wish: https://www.reddit.com/r/BattlefieldLFG/comments/58yurk/7th_cavalry_gaming_regiment_looking_for_you/

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Join the 7th Cav Gaming regiment !

Any questions about the 7th Cavalry itself or enlisting to become a member for Battlefield 1 can be directed to CPL Markel.Z using the contact information below.

Contact Info:

E-Mail: markel.z@7cav.us
Origin: -7Cav-MarkelZ
Steam: =7Cav=CPL.Markel.Z

*posted on behalf of SSG.Binder, SL SP 1-7