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Announcement  New Chain of Command SOP and Wiki Update Project

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Effective immediately, we have a new Regimental standard operating procedure (SOP) that describes the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment's Chain of Command and our structure:

The intent of this new SOP is to give an introduction on how our Chain of Command (CoC) works, how we're generally structured as a Regiment into hierarchical sub-units, how orders work, as well as combine some older SOP's/policies such as Right of Review and how escalation of the CoC should work combined into this new SOP. Please start using it as of today!

All of this is part of a larger Wiki Update Project to help simplify, consolidate, and audit the existing Regimental SOP's on our Wiki to help make the vast number of SOP's easier to navigate and understand for both newer and veteran members alike. This is meant to be an ongoing and long-term project, so you'll see the fruits of that labor on a page like our Standard Operating Procedures page:

On here, you'll see the first table is marked as WIP (Work in Progress). The old SOP table, and every previous existing Regimental SOP page is still below it. As we update SOP's, we'll update this post with changes so everyone can be informed. Some SOP's will remain the same page, but some SOP's will also be consolidated and combined. When this happens, we'll announce it here so members can transition to the new pages. This means that in places were SOP's are linked, those links may no longer be correct. We'll do our best to inform everyone of these types of changes (stay tuned here), so staff can update links/SOP pages accordingly, but please know there's a LOT of pages to organize and information to update, so please bare with us as we work to update everything.

Please utilize your CoC for any questions...

S7 | Combined Arms School Instructor Openings

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Squad Combined Arms School Instructor Position Openings

The S7 Department Squad Combined Arms School have Instructor position openings. This is for PC.

Minimum Requirements:
  • Minimum rank of Private First Class (E-3)
  • No negative action

  • Instructors are required to assist, or lead instruct a course at least once monthly. Those who cannot meet this requirement will require permission from the CAS Lead to be excused.
  • Perform other duties as required.
  • Help to create new courses*

How to Apply:

If interested in applying, please fill out the Department Application PAF

If you have any questions about the S7 Squad Combined Arms School, please reach out to Stover.C and/or Maddox.D