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S5 | Graphics Senior | Opening

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- S5 Position Openings-
  • S5 Film Senior
Role of S5 Department Senior Clerk
The Senior Clerks of S5 are to support the execution of duties assigned to the department by S5 Department Leads.

Responsibilities of S5 Department Senior Clerk

  • Report issues and problems up to the Graphics Lead.
  • Supervise product creation.
  • Supervise and train Clerks.
  • Ensure the Graphic tickets are assigned
  • Ensure the completed Graphics are placed on the drive in the correct areas of the drive
  • Be available to clerks to trouble shoot issues
  • Personnel Accountability for adherence to S5 SOPs

Film Clerk Roles:

  • Report to Media Lead at least once every two weeks. This is so it is understood what you are working on and what your blockers are.
    • This will be done via a google form to keep track of postings.
  • Failure to fill this out will result in a DCS
  • Media must be reviewed by Lead + Staff before being uploaded to YouTube/Cav Hosting.
  • Actions malicious in nature through the use of S5 Media will result in an immediate LoR and or removal from the department.
  • Minimum Rank is PFC
To apply:
  • Title a PM - Film Senior Letter of Intent Rank.Last.FirstIntial
  • The recipients will be to 2LT.Fields.Q and SPC.Mitchell.B
  • Include the following information to your post
    • Milpac link
    • What visions you have for film
    • How do you intend on reaching your goals
    • How important do you see film for the Cav
    • Why did this position interest you
    • What management experience do you have
    • When was the last time you had coffee

If you have any questions about the Senior Clerk role, S5, or anything in general, feel free to PM Fields.Q and/or Mitchell.B


LDS | ODS | 30JUN24

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Class: Officer Development School
Date: 30JUN24

Effective with this posting the following individuals have completed the requirements set forth by the 7th Cavalry, Officer Development School. They have applied themselves and showed dedication to furthering their position within the 7th Cavalry. Please join me in congratulating our new graduates!

Chief Warrant Officer 4 Baruch.J
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Landini.T
Chief Warrant Officer 3 Dujakovic.R
Warrant Officer 1 Stover.C
Staff Sergeant Hilberg.A
Sergeant Guzman.D
Sergeant Ryan.BF
Sergeant Swanson.B
Corporal Burgin.J
Corporal Buster.J
Corporal Hazen.D
Corporal Leifried.R
Corporal Macpherson.C
Specialist Arco.A

Colonel LaCombe.M
Colonel Budd.D
Lieutenant Colonel Dread.M
Major Bunnell.M
Major Gerrish.T