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Feeling no pain thanks to my trusty Stolichnaya - Awesome Caribbean beat - SHE NO DULL BEAT - I can see myself on a beach in Panama sippin' rum and coke - ENJOY!!
New Creator DLC just announced! Lets make sure we are ready to capitalize on the hype! Looks promising!
Feeling a lot better - survived the covid booster designed to kill ol' people LOL - DON'T LOOK BACK IN ANGER - - best thing in the video is Patrick Macnee (the original Avenger) - ENJOY!!
Sunday October 24, Operation October Rain
-Guess what? I ran over my tank mate again...I also ran over an enemy too so I hope Razmilic would forgive me
-I did not expect our Panther to last that long, we managed to bounced a lot of shots, Raz was a marksman and SPC.William showed me a lot of good positions
-If anyone saw a Tiger that was hanging out outside the playable area, ye...I am sorry