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  • Guest, The 7th Cavalry will not be accepting Enlistments/Re-Enlistments after December, 7th 2023. Please ensure your enlistment application is submitted before that time, or you will need to wait until we return from Furlough in January. Please click this link to join our discord to stay up to date and keep in contact with us!

Announcement  Chief of Staff Development Meetings

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Good Evening,

With furlough fast approaching so has the time for the scheduling of both required personnel and troopers who wish to meet with the Chief of Staff to discuss matters pertaining to the Regiment. This meeting is mandatory for the following personnel Regiment wide: Company COs, XOs, First Sergeants, Platoon Leaders, Platoon Sergeants, ODS Lead, Reserve Commander, and S3 1IC & 2IC. Anyone who does not hold the mentioned billets are not required to meet with LTG Burgundy, but are more than welcome to schedule a meeting to speak to him. This is your opportunity to discuss anything you feel is important or to get insight about topics regarding Regimental matters. For those required to schedule a meeting, please keep in mind that while LTG Burgundy will have questions pertaining to your specific role, it is a two way conversation so you are encouraged to bring questions for him as well.

In order to ensure all required parties and those interested in speaking with LTG Burgundy have ample opportunity, we are scheduling out in advance until February 2024. These slots will be scheduled in 60 minute increments with the following availability: December 22nd, 2023 until January 2nd, 2024 (excluding Christmas and New Years) are fully available for any day and time with any meetings after 02JAN24 needing to be scheduled on the weekend. For those of you required to schedule a meeting (or those that wish to), please send me a PM directly titled "CoS Development Meeting - (PLT/CO/BN Position) Last Name.F" Be sure to include your best available day and time with alternatives as I will need to work with the scheduling to ensure no one is doubled up or conflicting times with the Chief of Staff. Please have these messages submitted no later than 15DEC23.

We look forward to meeting with you and working together to continue growing the Regiment and providing...

Announcement  S1 Rundown before Furlough

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Members of the Regiment,

Furlough will soon be upon us to close out the year of 2023 and it is time to get ready for EOY awards.

I will be giving you all the deadlines so that S1 will be able to process all of these awards before these dates. We will be greatly appreciative if you all could meet these deadlines so that we will not have a stack of 'paperwork' waiting for us after furlough.

Yearly Medals to be posted by BAT/DEPT for approval: 2nd Dec
Yearly Medals to be approved by relevant personnel: 9th Dec
Yearly Medals to be posted by S1: 13th Dec
Furlough Starts and all PAFs/Threads are to be processed by S1: 17th Dec

Timings will be 2359Z (1759) on each deadline!

Thank you!

Major Mitch Bunnell
S1 1IC