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Info  Arma Reforger, FAQ, & Public Server Info

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ARMA REFORGER, FAQ, & Public Server Info


Bohemia Interactive has announced and launched Arma Reforger today and it is already available to purchase and play now in an alpha phase:
It takes place in 1989 in a fictional Cold War scenario. The intent of this game is to basically be an alpha or bridge to Arma 4. It's a new Arma game on the new Enfusion engine that they're using to build out the final Arma 4 product. It's got a lot of quality of life upgrades, and is especially mod-friendly, which should all help with an Arma 4 launch and transition one day. Arma Reforger will give us a taste of what Arma 4 will be!

You can view BI's Road to Arma 4 presentation today for more details about Arma Reforger and the road to Arma 4!

New 7Cav Arma Reforger Tactical Realism Public Server Info

Server Name: =7Cav=Tactical Realism discord.7cav.us

IP: novak.7cav.us
Port: 2001

See below for details.

Are we requiring Arma Reforger for membership in 1-7 CAV?

No, it will be optional. We will provide occasional content for Arma Reforger for those who elect to participate, but will not require it as a pre-requisite for membership in 1-7 at this time. We are hosting a public server for it and will run the occasional operation for it (all ops are optional), but that's all that's planned at this time. As a note, we have not closed the door to making it a requirement for membership, but it's a no for now as of Arma Reforger's launch in May 2022.

We do, however, encourage...

[StackUp] [Seminar] - Living After Surviving: Moving Forward from Survivors Guilt

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A new event has been added:

[StackUp] [Seminar] - Living After Surviving: Moving Forward from Survivors Guilt

Brothers and Sisters,

Our distinguished partner Stack Up is hosting a discord seminar on covering Living After Surviving: Moving Forward from Survivors Guilt. This a group discussion for people who are struggling with combat related survivors guilt. They will only be covering this topic as it is very important and want to give it all the time it deserves.
The seminar is on the 20th of May at 4PM PST. This seminar is tailored to active duty and veterans.

Join this discord and view the...

Read more about this event...

[ARMA3] Public Event - Medical Mondays - Every Monday - 2200Z

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Join us on our Arma 3 Tactical Realism Public Server and have fun with both 1st Battalion troopers practicing the ACE Pharmacy and other fun skills!
  • Will occur weekly on our Arma 3 Tactical Realism Public Server every Monday at 2200Z (6pm EST) for 2 hours
    • Make sure you have the current 7Cav Tactical Realism Steam Mod Collection
  • Play as a member of a Medical Team, CLS and meet us at spawn! If you're really lost, we'll be on LR15
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on our discord where we will be able to answer them as quickly as possible!

Brought to you by 1/B/1-7.

B/ACD 1SG Opening 14MAY22

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The B/ACD 1SG position is available, and we are looking for a dedicated individual to fill this role.

The following are the requirements for the position:

Minimum Requirements:

  • Be in good standing with no active negative actions.
  • Be at the minimum rank of SGT or Receive a billet promotion waiver at the time of appointment from the Command Sergeant Major (Delegated by CoS Jarvis.A )
  • Letter of interest from Applicant to the CSM Nexhex.A , as well as ACD Staff Rogers.S Budd.D Cree.T
  • Final selection is approved by the CSM, and Auxiliary Commander
  • Applicants from ACD will have Priority during this selection
  • Applicants from Reserves will have Secondary Priority during this selection

  • Daily Duties
    • Take Care of Troopers - When on Discord be available for your troopers. Be prompt when responding to requests for assistance over Discord or the forums.
    • Make an effort to meet with members of Platoon Staff to build a rapport and ensure a positive working relationship with them.
    • Spend time with troopers and leadership within your Company.
    • Administrative tasks - Ensure transfers, AWOLs, PAF Logs and discharges happen in a timely manner, and monitor them for any changes to the Company Strength.
    • Counseling - Issue appropriate counselling measures as required to ensure understanding and compliance with all rules, regulations and minimum expectations.
    • Promotions - Follow Regimental SOP in regards to promotion recommendations passed up from within the Company. Perform spot checks to ensure no one who meets promotion requirements has been overlooked.
    • Ensure information is passed up and down the Chain of Command in a timely manner.
  • Weekly Duties
    • Accountability - Ensure you are attending one...

Announcement  Arma 3 Public Modpack Minor Update - May 2022

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Public Modpack Update - May 2022


The S3 Department and 1-7 HQ would like to announce that we have made a minor update to our:arma3:modpack for our Arma 3 Tactical Realism Server. This is because 3CB Factions was updated by its developers to have a new dependency, RHSSAF, that we did not have before. Our updated modpack has a total of 33 required and 7 optional mods. They can be downloaded from Steam or we recommend our mod preset files that can be downloaded or are attached below.

Removed: Free World Armory

The 7th Cavalry Auxiliary Mod is also adding Enhanced Movement: Rework and ACE Compats for RHSSAF.

Be advised that one mod in the pack, the 7th Cavalry Auxiliary Mod, may cause errors to appear when attempting to join the server. These are expected and will not prevent you from joining the server and you can just ignore them if they appear.

Note: This update goes into effect 13MAY22 @ 0600Z (2 AM Eastern)

S1 Uniforms Opening

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The S1 Uniforms Department is currently looking for Clerks. We are looking for someone that is dependable and has a keen eye for detail. Here you will find the SOP. Please read through it and if you feel like you fit the bill to be a Uniforms Clerk post your interest below and we will be in contact with you.

Duties of S1 Uniform Clerks
  • Ensure that all updates under their Area of Operations are completed in a timely manner.
  • Must meet the minimum requirements
Note: Updates are to be completed within 48 hours of being added to the tracker. If a ticket runs overdue, then any clerk is entitled to complete the change.

Necessary Tools for a S1 Uniforms Clerk
  • Must have GIMP (Free photo editing/manipulation software)
  • Must receive an NextCloud account (Given by S1 Staff upon entry into the department)
  • Must have access to the S1 Uniforms Tracker (Given by NCOIC upon entry into the department.)
  • Must have at least 15 GBs of space on computer (For syncing NextCloud folder to PC.)

RTC Graduate - 08May22 - S1 Completed

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To all who shall see these
presents greetings


Effective with this posting the following individuals have completed the requirements set forth by the 7th Cavalry Regiment, Recruit Training program.
They are promoted to the grade and rank as listed. Please join me in welcoming and congratulating our new members.

Regiment Recruit Graduations and promotions to


Private [E-2]

Recruit Chaz.T

Recruit Clendenning.M
Recruit Mueller.H
Recruit Reid.L
Recruit Shaw.R

Recruit Highway.TS
Recruit Bower.L

Regiment Recruit Honor Graduates:


Recruit O'Connell.H

Often we have a recruit who performs above the standard and excels in each of the tasks we put before...


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Shell Shocked Saturdays / Hells Highway

Server Name: Match Making

Mission START:
2330Z (1930) (6:30pm EST) Saturday
1800Z(1400) (2:00pm EST} Sunday

ENDEX:0030Z (2030) (8:30pm EST) Saturday
2000Z(1600) (4:00pm) Sunday



Weekly operation to work as a team, with the YOU the public. So come join in a for a Coordinated gaming experience​

1/A/1-7 Platoon Leader Assigned - 2LT.Derry.B - S1 Complete

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Effective immediately,

Second Lieutenant Derry.B is hereby assigned:

Platoon Leader
1st Platoon
Alpha Company
1st Battalion


Derry.B Abbassi.G Summerfield.P Hobbs.T Schmidt.A LaCombe.M

HQ | ODS | Officer Development School - 28APR22 - S1 Completed

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Class: Officer Development School
Date: 28APR22

Effective with this posting the following individuals have completed the requirements set forth by the 7th Cavalry, Officer Development School. They have applied themselves and showed dedication to furthering their position within the 7th Cavalry. Please join me in congratulating our new graduates!