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First Lieutenant Rob.Y



Full name
Yvon Rob
First Lieutenant
Primary position
Platoon Leader 1/A/2-7
Secondary positions
  • RRD HLL Senior Recruiter
  • RRD Processor
  • S5 Public Relations
  • S7 NCOA Instructor
  • S3 HLL Operations Lead
Forum account
Join Date
Jan 23, 2020
Promotion Date
Mar 5, 2021
Time in service
Years: [1] Months: [1]
Time in grade
Years: [0] Months: [0]

Service record

Date Record Type Citation
2021-02-01 Letter of Reprimand - 30 Days NFA Disciplinary Citation
2021-02-12 Transferred and Assigned Platoon Leader 1/A/2-7 Transfer -
2021-03-05 Promoted to First Lieutenant (O-2) Promotion Citation

Awards and recognition

Date Award   Details  
2021-01-18 StackUp Donation Medal Bronze Knot Citation