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Sergeant Major Promotion (E-9) - 15AUG22

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To all who shall see these presents, greeting:

Know ye that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of

Sergeant First Class Preacher.A

I hereby appoint them a Sergeant Major, as such from the date of 15AUG22. Effective with this appointment you are charged to carefully and diligently execute the duties and responsibilities of a Sergeant Major of Soldiers and I do strictly direct and require all personnel of lesser grade to render obedience to appropriate orders.

As a Sergeant Major you must set the example for others to emulate. Your conduct and professionalism both on and off duty shall be above reproach. You are responsible for the accomplishment of your assigned mission and for the safety, professional development, and well-being of the Soldiers in your charge. You will be the embodiment of our institutional core values. You will lead your Soldiers with firmness, fairness, and dignity while observing and following the orders and directions of your senior leaders and enforcing all regulations and articles governing the discipline of the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

Given under my hand, on this 15 August, in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand And Twenty-Two.


Squad Startup Launch - Squad 2, Electric Boogaloo

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I'm happy to announce the launch of our newest Start-Up game, Squad.

For those of you who have been around a while, you'll know we previously had a Squad Company within the 7th Cavalry. Due to a multitude of reasons, that first attempt failed. However I'm please to report to the Regiment as a whole that a new group of adventurous members have put forward a plan of action, and their time and effort, in order to do another attempt at the game.

S6 will have a new public server ready for them to kickstart their expedition. SPD will be colaborating with the newly formed group to ensure they have everything they need. As such, please contact CW3 Stetchkov.A or MAJ Wildfire.N for any particular items.

As it is a startup game, we won't currently be accepting any new internal transfers that weren't part of the initial boarding party. Though, as they progress I hope to open that up in due time.

Gentlemen, I wish you all the best.

Gods speed.


Stetchkov.A Wildfire.N Grgich.A Mulholland.J Singhal.P Konn.G Maddox.D OConnell.H Cotton.R Warren.G Kent.R Adler.J

Announcement  1-7 Reddit Recruitment Post on r/FindAUnit

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Members of 1st Battalion,

A recruiting post has been made on the r/FindAUnit subreddit. If you have a Reddit account, please upvote it to help keep it on the front page.

I will update this post with the most current thread as they are reposted, since every few days I can submit a new one. It would be great if you could upvote and comment on them as they are cycled through. The more traffic we can get on these recruitment posts, the more likely it is that people will see them and it's a very easy way to promote recruitment.

Thanks in advance!

2-7 Commanding Officer Assigned - S1 Complete

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Attn all;

It is my pleasure to assign Lieutenant Colonel Yvon Rob as:



Transparency on a recent Re-enlistment

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Attn all;

I'm sure some of you will have seen the Re-enlistment of Major General Grgich, and wonder what the situation may be - or why they have been dropped back in as an Aide, or as a Colonel. There will be rumours of 'favouritism' or 'boys-club'. This post, is to add some transparency to the mix, and provide insight into what the discussion has been within Regimental HQ.

The 7th Cavalry has had a very large Arma contingent for almost 15 years, and until recently had been over 50% of the combined membership of the 7th Cavalry for over half of that time. Arma 2 was where I joined this place, and I've taken up almost every MOS within 1st Battalion at some point or another. After we moved to Arma 3 shortly after it's release, the Cav has been through unprecedented changes, some good, some bad. But ultimately, resulting in what the unit is today. To say that Arma has not had a tremendous impact on this place is undervaluing it at best. However things change, and Arma 3 has slowly started to become a niche in the internet. It's almost 10 years old at this point, and is showing its age. 1st Battalion is still going strong, but we all know it's getting old as a game now. But lately, we've seen some great news put out by the developers. Simply put, Arma 4 is on the horizon.

In the next 1-2 years, we expect the release of Arma 4. With it, we will usher in a brand new age for Arma within not only the 7th Cavalry, but the gaming community as a whole. It is my objective, to make the 7th Cavalry the Best Damn Community on the Internet with regards to Arma MILSIM. However to achieve this, I want to be hands on with the preperations, and ensure that the 7th Cavalry is in the best position possible to capitalise on the release of Arma 4 when it comes out. That brings us to now, and the re-enlistment.

In the lifetime of 1st Battalion, we've seen lots of changes. Some, are...

DCS Starter platoon graduates to Company Status

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I'd like to be the first to congratulate the original 5 members of the DCS start-up:
They've done an outstanding job, reaching almost 25 members in less than a few months. They will be transfering to the new Company, Alpha/Auxiliary Combat Detatchment (A/ACD-7), later this week.

Internal transfers within the 7th Cavalry are also now open. File a transfer PAF as usual, and it will be handled by the ACD Command staff, Lieutenant Colonel Steve Rogers and Major Derek Budd.

2-7 CO Applications

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2-7 Commanding Officer Opening

The 2-7 Commanding Officer position has become available, and we are looking for a dedicated individual to fill this role.

The following are the requirements for the position:

Minimum Requirements:

  • Be in good standing with no active negative actions (NFA)
  • Be at the minimum rank of 1st Sergeant or higher
    • Extensive Company Commander experience strongly recommended
  • Letter of interest from applicant to Chief of Staff MG.Jarvis.A and Aide to the Chief of Staff MAJ.Wildfire.N detailing why you should be considered
  • Date and times over the next week to meet to conduct an interview
  • Selected by the Chief of Staff

Daily Duties (When Online)
  • Take Care of Troopers - When on Discord be available to talk to people. Make an effort once daily to meet with members of Company staffs for the purpose of:
  • Developing relationships
  • Identifying key problems
  • Answering questions
  • Supporting Company Staff
  • Discharges - Monitor discharge requests as they occur for issues that may be popping up in a specific area. Follow up as required.
  • Approve promotion requests that require Battalion Approval (MSG Promotions, Officers below the rank of LTC.)
  • Approve transfer requests between companies as required.
  • Post discharges and ELOA's for Battalion members as they occur in a timely manner.
  • Review all Negative Counseling Statements as they occur for correctness and awareness of specific issues.
  • Work as part of the Battalion Staff team to ensure all companies are running effectively and work with each Company and the rest of the Staff to come up with plans to address...

3/2/B/1-7 ASL Opening

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3/2/B/1-7 Armor Assistant Squad Leader Position Opening

2nd Platoon, Bravo Troop 1-7 is accepting applications for an Assistant Squad Leader position for the 19K Tank Section in 2nd Platoon, Bravo Troop.
3/2/B/1-7 currently meets for Section Practice every Sunday at 1900z. Everyone interested, regardless of meeting all formal requirements, is encouraged to apply.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Be in good standing with no active negative actions
  • Maintained MOS for a minimum of 30 days prior to selection
  • Be at the minimum rank of Specialist or higher
  • Letter of recommendation from SL to Platoon Staff for review
  • Letter of interest from Trooper to Platoon staff for review
  • Platoon Staff reviews all candidates and their letters

Submit an application upon position opening and follow the application process. Candidates will be reviewed by Staff.

  • Take Care of Troopers
  • Support the Section Leader in the completion of their duties.
  • Individual Training
  • Roll Call
  • Reports
  • Recruitment
  • SOP Familiarization - Keep yourself up to date with standard operating procedures as detailed in the 7th Cav Wiki.
  • Section Practice - Assist with planning and conducting a section practice (SP) in accordance with standards and guidelines outlined by the Platoon and Company Staff.

How to Apply:
If interested in applying, please send a forum PM with your letter of interest addressed to:
Second Lieutenant Gerrish.T & Sergeant First Class Knights.Z

S5 Multiple Position Openings

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- S5 Position Openings -

The S5 Department has currently has openings for the following roles:
  • S5 Public Relations Clerk (All AO's)
  • S5 Graphics Clerk
  • S5 Film Markers/Streamers (All AO's)

Minimum requirements for all roles:
  1. Report to their respective AO Lead/Senior.
  2. Follow the guidelines set by the AO Lead.
  3. Any additional tasks assigned by leadership.
  4. Minimum rank of Private First Class (E-3)
  5. No negative action within 60 days.

Film Maker Guidelines

  1. Report to Media Lead at least once every two weeks. This is so it is understood what you are working on and what your blockers are.
    • This will be done via a google form to keep track of postings. That form is here
  2. Failure to fill this out will result in a DCS
  3. Media must be reviewed by Lead + Staff before being uploaded to YouTube/Cav Hosting.
  4. Actions malicious in nature through the use of S5 Media will result in an immediate LoR and or removal from the department.
  5. Minimum Rank is PFC

Public Relations

  1. At least one contact report every week (this can include advertising posters on other platforms).
  2. Network with other clans/communities who have a similar playstyle as us (i.e. tactical, respectable, etc.).
  3. Forward clan folders to an S5-S3 Operations Staff Liaison to develop the Combat mission.
  4. Find community events for the 7th Cavalry to partake in (i.e. Battles, tournaments, etc.).
  5. Review and update clan folders in the forum section once a week.
  6. Consequences for incomplete duties will result in the removal from the department.
  7. Actions deemed malicious in nature through...

2/B/1-7 Platoon Leader Assigned - 2LT.Gerrish.T - S1 Complete

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Effective Immediately,

2nd Lieutenant Gerrish.T is hereby assigned:

Platoon Leader
2nd Platoon
Bravo Troop
1st Battalion


Gerrish.T Knights.Z Burton.P Stewart.B Geki.T LaCombe.M Schmidt.A