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Squad | New Rotary Aviation MOS in Charlie Company

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The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment just opened its newest platoon for Squad!

The "7th Cav" is a long-standing Military Realism (MILSIM) unit primarily playing first-person military shooter/simulation games. The Regiment was founded in October 2002, making it one of the oldest clans in the areas the Regiment covers. Since then, the Regiment has grown into a thriving community of over 700 active members. The Squad area of operations is growing rapidly and we need you! Plenty of new in-depth courses are being hosted monthly, whether you are a brand-new player wanting to fly helicopters or an experienced PVP player, wanting to learn real-life military tactics. Want to fly helicopters or crew tanks in our private 7th Cavalry Operations? Join us in Chalie Company, ACD!

If you decide to enlist you must be 18+ years old with no game or VAC bans within the past 5 years for any reason. Please review our Minimum Requirements for Enlistment so you are aware of our expectations before applying. If this interests you, please enlist here and join our Discord.

Announcement  Major Uniform Update

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Hello everyone,

As some of you have seen, some members' uniforms are pretty packed with all the awards. S1 has recently acquired a tool that automates everyone in the regiment with everything that is based on your milpac. Huge shoutout to the PVT.Fisch.Z, SSGT.Busch.J, and SGT.Whaley.H has worked hard on this tool. We have also changed the uniform to make it bigger and moved the medals below on a pin board so everything looks nice and neat. We plan on making these changes happen on Friday, June 21, 2024. From then until July 5, 2024, any tickets will be placed on hold for us to review an internal audit of the new process to get them resolved. I will give you some steps that may help speed up the process in the spoiler below. If you check Tester.B currently has the new uniform on the Milpac. If you have any questions please reach out to S1 HQ.

Thank you!

Major Bunnell.M
S1 1IC

1. Find the post that states you received this badge/award.
2. Make a ticket and give us that link
3. S1 will process it if it is correct