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Info  Arma Reforger & FAQ

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Bohemia Interactive has announced and launched Arma Reforger today and it is already available to purchase and play now in an alpha phase:
It takes place in 1989 in a fictional Cold War scenario. The intent of this game is to basically be an alpha or bridge to Arma 4. It's a new Arma game on the new Enfusion engine that they're using to build out the final Arma 4 product. It's got a lot of quality of life upgrades, and is especially mod-friendly, which should all help with an Arma 4 launch and transition one day. Arma Reforger will give us a taste of what Arma 4 will be!

You can view BI's Road to Arma 4 presentation today for more details about Arma Reforger and the road to Arma 4!

New 7Cav Arma Reforger Tactical Realism Public Server

Coming soon! Stay tuned for details. Whenever it's up, it'll last as long as it's popular, and will be our primary recruitment tool to capitalize on the new enthusiasm for Arma Reforger.

Are we requiring Arma Reforger for membership in 1-7 CAV?

No, it will be optional. We will provide occasional content for Arma Reforger for those who elect to participate, but will not require it as a pre-requisite for membership in 1-7 at this time. We are hosting a public server for it and will run the occasional operation for it (all ops are optional), but that's all that's planned at this time. As a note, we have not closed the door to making it a requirement for membership, but it's a no for now as of Arma Reforger's launch in May 2022.

We do, however, encourage everyone to get it if they are able and play it with your fellow Cav members and on our public server (once it's up)! Have fun and enjoy it!

Will we form a...

[StackUp] [Seminar] - Living After Surviving: Moving Forward from Survivors Guilt

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A new event has been added:

[StackUp] [Seminar] - Living After Surviving: Moving Forward from Survivors Guilt

Brothers and Sisters,

Our distinguished partner Stack Up is hosting a discord seminar on covering Living After Surviving: Moving Forward from Survivors Guilt. This a group discussion for people who are struggling with combat related survivors guilt. They will only be covering this topic as it is very important and want to give it all the time it deserves.
The seminar is on the 20th of May at 4PM PST. This seminar is tailored to active duty and veterans.

Join this discord and view the...

Read more about this event...

[ARMA3] Public Event - Medical Mondays - Every Monday - 2200Z

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Join us on our Arma 3 Tactical Realism Public Server and have fun with both 1st Battalion troopers practicing the ACE Pharmacy and other fun skills!
  • Will occur weekly on our Arma 3 Tactical Realism Public Server every Monday at 2200Z (6pm EST) for 2 hours
    • Make sure you have the current 7Cav Tactical Realism Steam Mod Collection
  • Play as a member of a Medical Team, CLS and meet us at spawn! If you're really lost, we'll be on LR15
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on our discord where we will be able to answer them as quickly as possible!

Brought to you by 1/B/1-7.

Announcement  Arma 3 Public Modpack Minor Update - May 2022

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Public Modpack Update - May 2022


The S3 Department and 1-7 HQ would like to announce that we have made a minor update to our:arma3:modpack for our Arma 3 Tactical Realism Server. This is because 3CB Factions was updated by its developers to have a new dependency, RHSSAF, that we did not have before. Our updated modpack has a total of 33 required and 7 optional mods. They can be downloaded from Steam or we recommend our mod preset files that can be downloaded or are attached below.

Removed: Free World Armory

The 7th Cavalry Auxiliary Mod is also adding Enhanced Movement: Rework and ACE Compats for RHSSAF.

Be advised that one mod in the pack, the 7th Cavalry Auxiliary Mod, may cause errors to appear when attempting to join the server. These are expected and will not prevent you from joining the server and you can just ignore them if they appear.

Note: This update goes into effect 13MAY22 @ 0600Z (2 AM Eastern)

1/A/1-7 Platoon Leader Assigned - 2LT.Derry.B - S1 Complete

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Effective immediately,

Second Lieutenant Derry.B is hereby assigned:

Platoon Leader
1st Platoon
Alpha Company
1st Battalion


Derry.B Abbassi.G Summerfield.P Hobbs.T Schmidt.A LaCombe.M

S5 Multiple Position Openings

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- S5 Position Openings -

The S5 Department has currently has openings for the following roles:
  • S5 Public Relations Clerks (All AO's)
  • S5 Graphics Clerks
  • S5 Film Markers/Streamers (All AO's)

Minimum requirements for all roles:
  1. Minimum rank of Private First Class (E-3)
  2. No negative action within 60 days.

Film Maker Guidelines

  1. Report to Media Lead via Forum at least twice a month.
  2. Media must be reviewed by Lead + Staff before being uploaded to YouTube/Cav Hosting.
  3. Work must be done at a reasonable pace.
  4. If you are being DCS'd for failing to file your report, you will have 7 days to file said report or you will be punitively removed from the department.
  5. Actions malicious in nature through the use of S5 Media will result in an immediate LoR and or removal from department.

Public Relations

  1. Network with other clans/communities who have a similar play style as us (i.e. tactical, respectable, etc.).
  2. Pitch Combat Missions to other communities that are given by S3 Battle staff.
  3. Find community events for the 7th Cavalry to take place in and assist writing the event post for the external event calendar. (i.e. Battles, tournaments, StackUp, etc.)
  4. Review and update clan folders in forum section.
  5. Actions deemed malicious in nature through the use of S5 Public Relations will result in an immediate LoR and or removal from department.


  1. Meet established timeline for posting.
  2. 30 days to Complete request
  3. 7 days for first draft on thread
  4. 3 days from posting to notify requester and confirm assignment
  5. All graphics must meet 7 Cavalry standards on professionalism and decency.
  6. Actions deemed malicious in nature through the...

CO 2-7 Assigned - S1 Complete

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On this Day, the fourth of April in the year of our Lord, Two-thousand and Twenty-two.

Lieutenant Colonel Maxwell Lombardi is hereby transferred & assigned as Commanding Officer, 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment.

Congratulations Lieutenant Colonel.

Announcement  STACK-UP 2022 Campaign Announcement!

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Hello again Brothers and Sisters!

The time has come for the 7th Cavalry to jump into the 2022 Call to Arms Campaign! Last year we managed to raise over $1500.00 so we could sent Stack-up supply drops to Veterans around the world! We have been apart of the Stack-up community since 2019, and have been inducted onto their wall of heroes for our Teams/members generous donation.

Why did we choose Stack-up?

Stack-up was created by veterans and gamers in 2015 who want to make a difference. Since we ourselves are veterans and gamers, it seems like the best initiative for us to get on the ground level of. Together as gamers we can show the world why gaming is good for people, and how it benefits our amazing veterans with their problems through this program.


What is in it for you?

Just as we support Stack-up and the Veterans around the world, so do they in turn support us. They have offered to be apart of any 7th Cavalry Charity streams, or content creations made by our members either personally, or for the Yellow and Black. If that be through Twitch streaming, Youtube content, or Pod Casts they will offer you a Media Kit, and personnel to assist you with your stream.

Stack-up also has a reward program for members or players who reach a tier in their donation journey during the Campaign. You can get all sort of goodies like T-Shirts, Water bottles, and other gaming type items as thank you for your generous donations. I have also asked if its possible to get clothing items with our names on them as rewards which they have never thought of before.

The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment along with Streamers, and other donators from Stack-up managed to raise over $800,000.00 in 2021! Thats a lot of cash for vets...

Sergeant Major Promotion (E-9) - 26MAR22 - S1 Completed

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To all who shall see these presents, greeting:

Know ye that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of

First Sergeant West.B

I hereby appoint them a Sergeant Major, as such from the date of 26MAR22. Effective with this appointment you are charged to carefully and diligently execute the duties and responsibilities of a Sergeant Major of Soldiers and I do strictly direct and require all personnel of lesser grade to render obedience to appropriate orders.

As a Sergeant Major you must set the example for others to emulate. Your conduct and professionalism both on and off duty shall be above reproach. You are responsible for the accomplishment of your assigned mission and for the safety, professional development, and well-being of the Soldiers in your charge. You will be the embodiment of our institutional core values. You will lead your Soldiers with firmness, fairness, and dignity while observing and following the orders and directions of your senior leaders and enforcing all regulations and articles governing the discipline of the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

Given under my hand, on this 22 March, in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand And Twenty-Two.

Info  Interested in leadership? Read here first!

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Leadership in 1-7

Are you interested in contributing more to the yellow and black by stepping up to be a leader? If so, here's some general suggestions and best practices that 1-7 HQ would like to share to help you on this path and start your career as a leader within 1-7!

1) Be a good follower first. The first step to being a leader in the Cav is to excel at being a trooper. Go to Section Practice (SP), be on time, sign your roll call (RC), and assist and encourage others within your section to do the same. Demonstrate a good attitude and that you can consistently be relied upon to show up to SP and sign your RC. Follow orders and start to begin the journey to be a subject matter expert in your chosen field/military occupational specialty (MOS) within the Cav. By demonstrating your mastery of being a trooper, you're ready for the next step!

2) Work to become a subject matter expert in your MOS. We all come from different backgrounds, experience, and knowledge from within the Cav, and this is a great unit to grow and learn milsim with by taking as many Arma classes as you can that are hosted by the S7 Department. Along with Section Practices, these classes will help give you a baseline knowledge so that when you attend Section Practice or an operation, you'll be able to function within the unit with the basics like battle drills. For more advanced knowledge, we also recommend for future leaders to pursue their Arma 3 Career Pathway for your chosen MOS. Demonstrating mastery of your MOS (and others) will help you earn the respect of your peers and be a valuable tool when leading others.

3) Attend Arma 3 operations! This is the best place to demonstrate what you've learned and start...