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Announcement Star Citizen - Come and join us in "the 'Verse" - every Saturday - 2100z


Welcome Citizens!

The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment now supports Star Citizen. Come and join us in the verse from 2100z every Saturday.

The "7thCav" is a long-standing Military Realism (MILSIM) unit that primarily plays first person military shooter/simulation games. The Regiment was founded in October 2002, making it one of the oldest clans in the areas the Regiment covers. Since its beginnings the regiment now holds over 500 active members. We are focused on tactical realism and immersive game-play, utilizing military training, tactics, and procedures that have been adapted for use in the virtual world.

When it comes to the 'verse, we aim to explore, work together as an organized unit - but most of all, have fun together.

If you decide to enlist you must be 18+ years old with no game or VAC bans within the past 5 years for any reason. Please review our Minimum Requirements for Enlistment so you are aware of our expectations before applying. If this interests you, please enlist here and/or join our Discord.

See you in the 'verse!

Every Saturday from 2100z - 2349z (1700 EST - 2059 EST)
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