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The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment presents our Squad Friday Fun Night! Starts EVERY Friday @ 2359z Zulu (2000 EDT, 1900 CDT, 1800 MDT, 1700 PDT)!

We would like to officially invite the public to both of our Tactical Realism servers for fun, games (obviously), and a chance to kick back, relax and frag the enemy!

A little bit of background on us: the 7th Cavalry Regiment is a Tactical Realism unit that has multiple areas of operation (AO). Our AOs includes Arma 3, our own ACV (Air Cav Vietnam) mod for Arma 3, Squad, and Insurgency. Our official battle cry is "Garry Owen", in honor of the Irish drinking song Garry Owen that was adopted as the march tune of the real life 7th Cavalry. The 7th Cavalry was formed 15 October 2002. We currently have over 300 members from across the world.

This is our first official event that we'd like to host for the community. Our servers are on their own dedicated box so lag should be nonexistent. We gladly accept any and all feedback on our servers' performance.

If you would like more information, please get in touch with a member of the Regimental Recruiting Department.

We have Squad Steam Group if you would like to join!

Steam Click Here

We the Cav would like the Public to join us on this day to show you our skills and how much a brotherhood we are.

We are just not a clan! We are family! We are a whole we are a Brotherhood!

Feel Free to PM any Recruiters on our Teamspeak and our website.

Here is a List of our Squad AO recruiters:

(Use these name for Website PM)

AO Lead: Gwatney.B

Senior Recruiter: Rauscher.C











PM's to me will be checked daily and responded to as fast as possible!
Feel Free to join our Teamspeak as Well
Ts3.7Cav.us Password (case sensitive) 7thCavalry

Threads on here are checked daily. We are an active community!

Thank you and See you there!​
The third season will begin, albeit in a slightly different format beginning July 29th, still bi-weekly.

Effective with this posting the following individuals have completed the requirements set forth by the 7th Cavalry, Non-Commissioned Officer Academy. They have applied themselves and showed dedication to furthering their position within the 7th Cavalry. Please join me in congratulating our new graduates.

SPC.Hillier, Luke
SPC.Holiday, Thomas
SPC.Ivanoff, Nicholas
SPC.Rauscher, Cody
SPC.Rodriguez, Zechchi
SPC.Seelig, Brian
SPC.Skeith, Johnathen
PFC.Kenward, Christopher

The Command Staff have come to the consensus that we will be opting into Arma 3's upcoming DLC, Apex.

We will be setting up a public server specifically for Apex at the official launch, with the aim to migrate Tac 1 to Apex within 1 - 2 weeks. This will of course depend on server resources, but IMO will look into this and update you as needed.

As such, we will be amending the enlistment application to require the Apex DLC (much like we did with Operation Arrowhead in Arma 2). For current members, anyone wishing to stay in 1st Battalion's Arma 3 area of operation will need to procure the Apex content. For those who are unable to afford a copy for whatever reason, Colonel @Grgich.A is looking into options and will make a further announcement with details in the very near future.

Thank you,