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Announcement Arma 3 Apex Modpack Update 02APR2024


Good day everyone!

The following announcement is meant for the upcoming Arma 3 Modpack update happening on 02APR2024. This is going to be a relatively large update with a bunch of new maps, assets and tools to be used! Prior to this update the servers will be going down on the 2nd of April to allow change over so expect some delays if you are trying to play or train on that day. Below will be the following changes made compared to the old OCT23 modpack to the new APR24 modpack, please refer to the link at the bottom for the latest Modpack.

Added: (total 38 Main Pack / 41 S3 Pack)
  • Kunduz River
  • Global Ops Terrains
  • Robotyne Ukraine
  • Green Sea Terrain
  • Virolahti
  • Lybor
  • Arma Realistic Map Assets V2
  • MH-47
  • FA-18 BETA mod
  • FA-18EF Super Hornet and ace compat

  • Anizay
  • Reeshamn Provience
  • Al Rayak
  • Saint Kapaulio
  • Kingdom Of Regero
  • F/A-18 Super Hornet 2020
  • Lythium
  • G.O.S Dirahia
  • UMB Columbia
  • USAF AC-130
  • Others

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