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Announcement Counter Strike 2 - Join our Starter Platoon and enlist now!

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The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment now supports Counter Strike 2.

The "7th Cav" is a long-standing Military Realism (MILSIM) unit primarily playing first-person military shooter/simulation games. The Regiment was founded in October 2002, making it one of the oldest clans in the areas the Regiment covers. Since then, the Regiment has grown into a thriving community of over 500 active members. We've mastered military realism in gaming. Now, with the help of former professional players and current FACEIT Level 10s, we're diving into the competitive world of Counter-Strike 2, providing players with free weekly coaching sessions, 1 to 1 demo analysis and weekly tournaments. Come Join us now!

If you decide to enlist you must be 18+ years old with no game or VAC bans within the past 5 years for any reason. Please review our Minimum Requirements for Enlistment so you are aware of our expectations before applying. If this interests you, please enlist here and/or join our Discord.
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🚀 Join the 7th Cavalry's Newest Front: Counter Strike 2! 🎮

The legendary 7th Cavalry Gaming
Regiment is calling all tactical shooters to the ranks! Since 2002, we've mastered military realism in gaming, and now, we're diving into the competitive world of Counter Strike 2. Are you ready to join one of the most immersive MILSIM experiences available?

Why Enlist with Us?

Epic Team Battles: Dive into competitive FPS like never before.

Realistic Military Tactics: Use real-world strategies adapted for gaming.

A Thriving Community: Over 500 members strong and growing.

Rich History, Bright Future: A storied regiment since October 2002.
Enlistment Criteria:

Must be 18+ years old.

No game or VAC bans in the past 5 years.

A commitment to tactical gameplay and teamwork.

Ready for Action? If you meet our standards and share our passion for tactical realism, we want you! Check our complete enlistment requirements and take the first step towards becoming a part of gaming history.

🔗Join Our Discord [Link in Bio]

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