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2nd Battalion Staff officer position open.

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2nd Battalion has an opening for a single staff officer.

the requirements for this position are here, https://wiki.7cav.us/wiki/Battalion_Staff_-_Duties_and_Responsibilities.

you may apply if you are currently(or formerly) at the rank of captain.

Please send your intent to apply for this position to myself, LTC. Larouche, and SGM. Terlizzi via pm.

Thank you.

PAFs online

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PAFs should now be online. If there are teething pains, please submit an S6 ticket

PAFs are now availible via the link in the resources tab at the top of the website, via the link 'https://7cav.us/form/'

The key difference here between the old site and this new one, is how the 'PAF' is handled at the trooper/submitter level.

Now it's just one form (with a convenient link https://7cav.us/paf) where you enter the relevant details. For receiving staff, there is one forum to watch - https://7cav.us/forums/363/

Once you process a PAF using the relevant tools, or just action them yourself, please move the PAF thread to either 'Processed or Cancelled'

If you have any questions, you can reply here. For help or technical issues, please use an S6 ticket.