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1/B/1-7 PSG Position Opening - Closed

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1/B/1-7 Platoon Sergeant Position Opening

Bravo Troop 1-7 is currently accepting applications for the billet of Platoon Sergeant. If you do not meet all of the requirement but are still interested, you are encouraged to submit an application regardless.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Listed below is the process for billet selection for PSG for all Troopers across the Regiment.
    • Be in good standing with no active negative actions.
    • Maintained the MOS billet of SL for a minimum of 30 days prior to application.
    • Be at the minimum rank of Sergeant or higher upon application.
    • Submit an application upon position opening and following the application process.
    • Applications received prior to 27APR21 will be reviewed by Troop Staff.

    Exceptions to the above may be made based on the needs of the regiment, and with a waiver approved by the Chief of Staff pursuant to the policy and submitted by the receiving Troop Staff.
    If you are interested in leading but lack any of these requirements, approach your Chain of Command in the first instance.
    If you have questions about the role itself, approach the Bravo Troop First Sergeant.
    If interested in applying, please send a forum PM with your letter of interest addressed to Captain Alex Storm & First Sergeant Juvenis Cobel

    Thank you,

ARMA 3 | Basic Land Navigation Graduation

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