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Foxhole Interest Thread [CLOSED]

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Official Interest Thread

7th Cavalry Foxhole Starter Platoon

Foxhole is a massively multiplayer game where you will work with hundreds of players to shape the outcome of a persistent online war involving two different factions. Players are the content in this sandbox war game. Every individual soldier is a player that contributes to the war effort through logistics, base building, reconnaissance, combat, and more.


Key Features
  • Sandbox warfare, where players determine the narrative of a long term war.
  • Every soldier is controlled by another player.
  • Players drive every element of the war, from weapon manufacturing and base building to strategy and combat.
  • Emergent strategies and tactics make every part of the war feel unique.
  • Your presence stays active in the world even after you've gone offline (e.g, trenches and structures you have built).
  • Persistent living world - join thousands of players in a shared, war torn world.
  • Dynamic battle conditions: Use the time of day, weather, and key terrain features to gain the advantage.
  • Tactical combat where skills, strategy, and preparation matter more than stats or XP points.


Persistent Living World - Join thousands of players in a shared, war torn world.
  • Conquer territories in back & forth campaigns.
  • Execute long term strategies that take days of planning, potentially changing the tide of the war for your side.
  • The weather plays a role in the...

RTC Position Openings

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Recruit Training Command is looking for troopers interested in becoming Drill Instructors to help maintain the growth of the 7th Cavalry.

Drill Instructors are responsible for conducting recruit briefings, conducting bootcamps when applicable, updating recruit folders at least every 48 hours, and reporting to their Senior Drill Instructor. The work is straight-forward, doesn't take too much time, and is an important and rewarding role in the Cav. If you think you have what it takes to train recruits in the basics of the 7th Cavalry, step forward and make a difference!

The following positions are currently open:

1 x Hell Let Loose Drill Instructor
3X ARMA Drill Instructor
3 x ACD / Starter

Minimum Requirements:

1. Minimum rank of SPECIALIST
2. Assigned to current MOS 30 days
3. No Article 15s
4. No current NFAs
5. Declare all prior NCSs and VCSs in your applcation

If you meet the minimium requirements and wish to join RTC, submit a PAF with your intentions to join RTC.

We look forward to building the 7th Cavalry with you!

Major Rogers
RTC Command