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LDS | NCOA Phase 2 | 05NOV22 - S1 Completed

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NCOA Phase 2
Class - 05NOV22 1600Z

Effective with this posting the following individuals have completed the requirements set forth by the 7th Cavalry, Non-Commissioned Officer Academy. They have applied themselves and showed dedication to furthering their position within the 7th Cavalry. Please join me in congratulating our new graduates.

Specialist Sanchez.R
Specialist Solano.E
Specialist May.J
Specialist Oldham.G
Specialist Blackmon.K
Specialist Cooper.N
Specialist Teddy.J
Specialist Hanna.P
Specialist Lee.R
Specialist Highman.J
Private First Class Crowley.T
Private First Class Thomas.M


Private First Class Angelos.G
Whom we name as our honour graduate for performing in the top percentile of his class.
He is accordingly awarded:

The Honor Graduate Ribbon


Command Sergeant Major Nexhex.A
Second Lieutenant Haliday.J...​

3/3/A/2-7 SL Opening

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3rd Platoon, Alpha Company is accepting applications for a Squad Leader position for Squad in 3rd Platoon, Alpha Company . 3/3/A/2-7 ). Everyone interested, regardless of meeting all formal requirements, is encouraged to apply.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Be in good standing with no active negative actions
  • Maintained the MOS billet for a minimum of 30 days prior to selection.
  • Be at the minimum rank of CPL
Waivers on requirements available per 2BN HQ. Submit an application upon position opening and follow the application process unless company/platoon staff select an SL to fill the role. Candidates will be reviewed by Staff. The application deadline is 12DEC22

  • Take Care of Troopers
  • SL duties [ https://7cav.us/threads/1151/ ].
  • Individual Training
  • Roll Call
  • Reports
  • Recruitment
  • SOP Familiarization - Keep yourself up to date with standard operating procedures as detailed in the 7th Cav Wiki and every facet currently specific to the 68W MOS.
  • Section Practice - planning and conducting a section practice (SP) in accordance with standards and guidelines outlined by the Platoon and Company Staff.

How to Apply:
If interested in applying, please send a forum PM with your letter of interest addressed to:

First Sergeant Komar.T
Second Lieutenant John.K