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Ongoing website items

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So that I don't keep getting asked about it, this is a list of items still needed to finish/bugs noticed

Internal IP being usedDone
Emails don't sendDone
MilpacsIn progress
No company forums other than A/1-7 & A/2-7Done
Links to wiki etc in nav barDone
Calendar CSS is badDone
Calendar permissionsDone
Recruitment/Enlistment processTodo
S3/7 Tools (soon to use calendar)Todo
Message length too shortDone
Permissions issues with several addon featuresDone
CavAPI MigrationDone
ReCapatch enabled for Spam ProectionDone
Redis Cache for improved forum speedsDone
Ensure people can’t make threads in classes/operations areaDone
Clickable area to un-collapse forum category doesn't line up with arrowDone
users via mobile data, are unable to view the websiteDone
Moderator Roles and Permissions

Forum permissions and you: A guide

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Welcome everyone to the new website!

There are some teething pains with the new version of milpacs, and as such S1 can't process your accounts to give you the right forum permissions until that's done. I'm waiting on some bug fixes from the developer, but that may not come until after the weekend.

In the interim, please do the following: