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Announcement 7th Cavalry Podcast (Cav Cast)

It has been talked about for years but it has finally happened. The 7th Cavalry has finally produce its first (hopefully of many) podcast. This one is hosted by CSM. Nexhex who interviews BG. Tharen on his experiences in the Cav, what made him choose to join, and what he values the most in the brotherhood.

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Note: Any interest in being hosted on Cav Cast needs to be sent via website PM to SPC.Hutch.X, CPT.Burton.P and CSM. Nexhex.A.

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Great listen! It’s cool to hear different perspectives and what drives people to join communities such as this. Similar situation, grew up playing “soldier”, FPS, tactical games, etc. Currently an Active Duty Infantry Officer, so I was looking for some like minded individuals to run games how they are meant to be played. It’s great to see you guys have a variety of games and platforms you play on. Not only are you building camaraderie within the sections, but like you said, allowing people opportunities to grow their leadership skills in ways they may not have had an opportunity to do so, and I believe those skills can translate over. Currently in the process of joining this unit, looking forward to it, and I’ll see y’all on the battlefield!