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  • Guest, The 7th Cavalry will not be accepting Enlistments/Re-Enlistments after December, 10th 2022. Please ensure your enlistment application is submitted before that time, or you will need to wait until we return from Furlough in January. Please click this link to join our discord to stay up to date and keep in contact with us!

Announcement Ready Or Not Thursdays at 2359Z (8pm EST) & Sundays 1900Z (2pm EST)

Founded October 15th, 2002 as a home for tactical gaming excellence, come find BROTHERHOOD with the 7th Cavalry Regiment.
We have over 500 active members within the Cav across games like Arma 3, Hell Let Loose (PC & Console), DCS World, and most recently, Ready or Not. Focused on tactical realism and fun game-play, we utilize military training, tactics, and procedures that have been adapted for use in gaming.

If you decide to enlist you will be required to attend at least 1 Cav event per week, be 18+ years old, and not have a VAC ban for the last 5 years.

We meet up to play PvE on Thursdays at 2359Z (8pm EST) & Sundays 1900Z (2pm EST) using the In-Game Menu and 7th Cavalry Uniform mods.

Check us out at:


Active Duty
RRD Staff
S5 Staff
S7 Staff
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1:32 PM
Recently we have made mods optional, it is now possible to join a lobby with up to 31 other players as long as the host has the In-Game Menu mod from the pack above!

Join us every Thursday to play Ready or Not with more than 5 players in a single lobby! No mod required!
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