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Outdated: Arma 3 Public Modpack Minor Update - May 2022

Public Modpack Update - May 2022


The S3 Department and 1-7 HQ would like to announce that we have made a minor update to our:arma3:modpack for our Arma 3 Tactical Realism Server. This is because 3CB Factions was updated by its developers to have a new dependency, RHSSAF, that we did not have before. Our updated modpack has a total of 33 required and 7 optional mods. They can be downloaded from Steam or we recommend our mod preset files that can be downloaded or are attached below.

Removed: Free World Armory

The 7th Cavalry Auxiliary Mod is also adding Enhanced Movement: Rework and ACE Compats for RHSSAF.

Be advised that one mod in the pack, the 7th Cavalry Auxiliary Mod, may cause errors to appear when attempting to join the server. These are expected and will not prevent you from joining the server and you can just ignore them if they appear.

Note: This update goes into effect 13MAY22 @ 0600Z (2 AM Eastern)


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