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Announcement Rolling Out With HLL Armor



Alpha Company
is tasked to provide a composite, combined arms force to the 2nd Battalion. The Company operates in the Hell Let Loose area of responsibility. The Company combines several disparate specialties to create a Company-Team in operations that is capable of providing effective self-supported direct fire and direct fire support, as well as conducting mobility and counter-mobility tasks.



Is to provide an environment for all future and current members to gather together to enjoy Hell Loose with one another. As a highly active Company, we host multiple weekly internal/external PVP Events and conduct several School of Infantry classes designed to engage you with others inside and outside of our Company.​



Armor crewman - The main battle tank crew contains 3 members (commander, gunner/loader, driver).

The Driver is responsible for traversing the tank through various obstacles and through various terrain.
Will take direction from the Tank Commander to hull down, angle, and navigate to his direction. Operation of the hull auxiliary guns.

Gunner/loader is responsible for the target identification, target tracking, and operation
of the main and secondary guns and firing on targets loading AP/HE shells.

Tank Commander is responsible for target identification, target prioritization, Marking targets, and Communicating with command
In-Tank relay of orders/commands for the Driver and Gunner. Responsible for overall navigation and map reading.

Infantry - A six-man team led by a Squad Leader. As a new member, you will be tasked with being a rifleman as you learn the tasks assigned to your squad.​


Armor Crewman Engineer - Mainly responsible for keeping the tank in the fight.
Forward Observer - Responsible for observing and reporting enemy activities
Armor Crewman Artilleryman - Responsible for raining death from afar
Armor Support Engineers - Infantryman with specialized training in order to aid tanks in their fight against the enemy.
Demolition Engineers - Responsible for removing enemy fortifications and obstructions so friendly forces can move freely throughout the battlefield.


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