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Sad Afternoon


Lieutenant Colonel
Active Duty
Local time
11:56 PM
Today was a sad day for me. Not that anything personal to my life or family of tragedy happened but what I came across as I was enroute to my home. I can not press more how important life maybe be . whether it is a person or animal. I value life of all. Anyway on my way home, about five cars ahead of me as the traffic was going through a School Zone. A little kitten darted out into the four lane highway and ended being trapped under the wheel well of another vehicle and bounced back out in the middle of the road with serious injuries. The driver that been involved was unaware, but was seen by the Crossing Guards. Now at least 3 cars had just passed over, not hitting him while he was on the road. Just pasted by. I stopped and tried to help by picking him up and moving out of the main road way. I new it was serious and new he would not make it but wanted him out of the road so no one else would not pay attention and just run him over. By the time I finally got to the side of the road and had the attention of the Crossing Guards to call Animal Control he took his last breath. I know he was probably just a feral kitten. Something we can not control. Just life as a general importance. Always try to help that person or animal in need, be a comfort so they know they are not alone as the busy world just passes them buy. Life is a blessing.


Active Duty
Local time
5:56 AM
You're a good man, Brother. Thank you for trying to help and comfort that little kitten.