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Request for Aide Member in Need - 19 Jan 2021


The General Staff has received and approved the following Request for Aid

I am formally here to request for aid from the 7th Cavalry. I have been out of work since November and have yet to find and start a job to get back on my feet. I have filed unemployment, however the state of Kentucky is broke and has been unable to send any unemployment funds to thousands of unemployed in the state, including myself. At this point, all of our savings have been completely depleted and we face eviction very soon if we cannot pay our rent soon. On top of juggling other bills such as electric, water, internet and car/insurance payments we are at the point we have to choose one or the other to be paid. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

This request will go for 7 days or until the cap of $600.00 has been reached. If you would like to donate and help this member out, you will find a separate donation link on the Forums page. Thanks to this new plug-in we can track aid donations separately. If anyone has any questions regarding this, please send me a PM.

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