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Announcement ARMA 3 Operation Sandbox - 24 Hour Public Operation on 10DEC22 @ 2000Z (3 PM Eastern)

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Operation Sandbox

All :arma3:players are invited to join us on Saturday, December 10th at 2000Z (3 PM Eastern) for a public 24 hour operation hosted on our :arma3:Tactical Realism Public Server!

Area of Operation: Al Rayak

Premise: This is a semi-persistent campaign run by multiple Zeuses. Server will be reset roughly every 3 hours to give both the server and players time to rest. It will last for about 24 hours, starting on Saturday at 3 PM Eastern and ending on Sunday also at 3 PM Eastern!

Cav members can sign up for leadership positions here: https://7cav.us/threads/28049/

How to Play

If you would like to play on the server, the server information is as follows:

Server name: =7Cav=ARMA3 Tactical Realism [US]
IP: novak.7cav.us
PORT: 2302

: 7th Cavalry Tactical Realism Mod Collection

All mods are easily downloadable from the Steam Workshop for your convenience! The main Arma 3 Mods used include RHS, ACE, ACRE2, and many more! You can also download and use these mod pre-sets in your Arma launcher for the Cav's public and private servers.


The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment promotes coordinated gameplay and as a result, all Tactical Realism players are invited to our TeamSpeak 3 server.

7th Cavalry TeamSpeak 3 Address: ts3.7cav.us
Port: 9987

Password: 7thCavalry

SEE YOU THERE! :cavdab:
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