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ARMA Aviation - Join Alpha Company!​

Alpha Company, 1st Battalion
Above the best!

Alpha Company is the first of three Arma 3 companies within 1st Battalion of the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment. The role that Alpha Company plays is to operate aircraft and support ground troops as best as possible. The rotary pilots, rotary crew, and fixed-wing pilots within Alpha Company are set on assisting each other and providing support to help each person improve their flight skills. With many experienced pilots, both in-game and in real life, it is easy for anyone to hop in the cockpit and start flying!

The purpose of Alpha Company

The goal of A/1-7 is to provide the other companies with top-class air support including: transport, ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance), close air support (CAS), air superiority, and air resupply. Alpha Company operates across many different airframes to ensure that we can provide the best support for a situation.

Aviation Career Paths and MOS

Rotary/Fixed Trainee

Multi-Role Rotary-Wing
Winged Pilots
Non-Rated Crew

Multi-Role Fixed-Wing
Winged Pilots

Airspace Managers
Air traffic controllers
Forward Air Controllers


All current Regimental Career Pathways


Warrant Officers

The Warrant Officer ranks within the unit are the symbol of Aviation. The symbol of one's pilot status. Those that hold the Warrant Officer rank are now the go-to when someone needs an aviator. When ground troops need transport to a raid as rotary or a FAC needs a city block leveled in fixed-wing, Warrant Officers are now the face they see. They must ensure they have the skills to accomplish this task. This is one's primary duty.

Senior Warrant Officers' further responsibilities are to aid in training new aviators. To assist in their endeavors of becoming a Warrant Officer. Just as others gave you their aid in your training.


Do I need a HOTAS?

You do not! Any extra peripherals including a HOTAS or TrackIR are completely up to you, some of our pilots prefer to use their keyboard and mouse when flying, so a HOTAS is completely optional.

When do you train?
Our rotary section training times:
Sunday at 2100Z
Tuesday at 0100Z
Sunday at 2100Z

The fixed wing training time:
Saturday at 0100Z

Can I fly a basic flight model?
For rotary, we only fly the advanced model, however, our experienced troopers are always willing to lend a hand to our new recruits and help them learn the ins and outs of the advanced flight model.

What airframes do you use?
For rotary we use:
MH-60s Blackhawks (from the Hatchet Mod)
A/MH-6 Little Bird
AH-64 Apache
CH-47 Chinook

For fixed wing we use:
F/A-18 (with interactive cockpit!)
A-10 Warthog
C-130 Hercules
Blackfish Gunship

Join Today!

If this interests you, please contact a member with [Recruiter] after their name in our Teamspeak 3 server, find us on our Discord server, or simply fill out an application and become the best by joining the best!

TeamSpeak 3 Server:
PW: 7thCavalry

Discord Server:

Alpha Co. Discord Server:
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