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[ARMA3][Special Event] Operation Desert Saber - 21MAY22 - 1800Z Banner posting

In 1990, the nation of Iraq invaded the neighboring nation of Kuwait and fully occupied the county in less than two days. Following attempts to resolve the situation diplomatically, the United States deployed troops into Saudi Arabia and urged other nations to join a coalition to drive Iraq out of Kuwait and restore the Kuwaiti government. In response, thirty nine nations joined the effort and following three weeks of bombardment, Coalition forces crossed into Iraq on February 15th, 1991.

As part of the VII Corps' scheme of maneuver, the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment has been given instructions to push north and then turn east in search of the Iraqi Republican Guard "Tawakalna" Division. Warhorse Troop, as part of 3rd Squadron, 2nd ACR, has been directed to act as a covering force for the rest of 3rd Squadron as they push towards a suspected Tawakalna defensive line while the rest of the 2nd ACR proceeds north with the hope of catching the Iraqi division in a pincer movement.

This operation will be run on the Arma 3 Tactical Realism server with a different modlist than usual.


Also, this operation will be 6 hours long, starting at 1800Z and ending at 2359Z. You are not required to attend the whole thing to get operational credit, although I'd recommend staying for this one if you have the time.

Sign up and view OPORD here: https://7cav.us/events/718/
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