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The Enlistment Process

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Initial Enlistment

So you've put in your application. Now what?

Firstly, if you haven't already met with a recruiter on Teamspeak then do so at your earliest convenience. They will be able to advise you further on your application status and help you correct any information that is outstanding so that you get reviewed in a timely manner.

Once reviewed, your application will either:

  • Responded to via our management system
  • Approved
  • Denied

If approved, you're on towards RTC. Skip to the Bootcamp Section. Otherwise, carry on reading.

Responses normally contain exactly what is required from you to complete your application. Meet with a recruiter on Teamspeak to get checked out.

Denials can be automatic or declared. Automatic denials are dealt with via our automated system, due to a failure to meet any entry requirements we put in place at the time such as:

  • A Steam VAC Ban
  • Underage

Declared denials are a little different. This means a human, such as a senior member of the Regimental Recruiting Department, has reviewed your information and has decided not to accept you into the Brotherhood. This could be for many reasons, as such you should contact a recruiter if you have any concerns as to why your application was denied.

Your Bootcamp

Bootcamp is different depending on the game you applied for, but essentially you will be assigned a Drill Instructor or [DI] who will guide you along the path to finishing your enlistment. They will be your rock during this process, and you should go to them with any queries or concerns you have.

You will be sent a Bootcamp Package, which includes all the details regarding the Bootcamp process. Next, your assigned [DI] will create a Welcome Letter for you and arrange a meeting to prepare you for your tests. Finally, after completing your oral exam and in-game Bootcamp you're going to head off to your 1st Battalion assignment!

Whatever happens, we of the 7th Cavalry Regiment wish you well in your enlistment with us and hope to see you in our ranks soon.
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