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Transparency on Article 32/CM for David Kerr

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Evening all,

Today, we have had to ban permanently Kerr.D from our forums, servers & services.

I & the other General Staff (management) of the 7th Cavalry community wanted to be transparent on how this court martial came to be. Here's the evidence that an independant Cav member, as selected by the SecOps HQ, found:

In August, after General Chance had made a statement clarifying the rules about requests for aid and forbidding the private collection of donations for any members, it is alleged that Sergeant David Kerr passively solicited donations from members of the Cav utilizing his Twitch platform as a means of which to obtain a 'goal' in donations.

I have looked at Sergeant Kerr's Twitch profile and there does seem to be a donation link there, but this isn't an uncommon addition for people's Twitch these days. That said:

1 - Sergeant Kerr's Gofundme campaign is still open. Last donation received was 5 months ago.

2 - It has been confirmed by WO1. Sypolt and other sources that Kerr was showing off computer hardware, CS:GO replica knives, etc... in the same time frame he was soliciting funds for food and bills.

3 - Kerr has collected over 1600 dollars in an 800 dollar goal campaign for food and bills,still open and had Cav member donations found here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/hexvx-helping-a-veteran?d=:signedDonationId

4 - He has a separate Gofundme that totals over 600 dollars in donations, still open and had Cav members donate, found here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/funding-to-help-a-veteran?qid=49206a0f347fb59a987da1a4fa031d88

5 - Potential 3rd Gofundme opened, same name, same city/province found here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/service-dog-and-help-cover-things?qid=df69dbebfe671de8f781c6315c9427c4

6 - It is evident that, while not having directly, actively solicited funds from the Cav since the regimental announcement was made and General Order 10 having been clarified, he is still accepting donations and people are still aware of the open Gofundme sites.

7 - After speaking to a witness about a statement the sergeant made in the Cav Discord, it is evident that Kerr was trying to get people to his Twitch page to obtain some "goals"

8 - Some witnesses have confirmed that Kerr has not actively solicited donations in person since General Chance's post.

9 - Screen shots of solicitations after GO announcement: https://gyazo.com/e25689f8c4079c859cdd24dba60ad53c and https://gyazo.com/73ba2b7bb8e8a5d6c6e3815c93ca3290

In conclusion, there is concrete evidence that Kerr did actively solicit donations for himself after General Chance announced clarification of General order 10. There is a likely scenario in which he was trying to direct traffic to his Twitch, where a donation button is placed currently but that is no more than an educated guess. That said, it is believed that Sergeant Kerr did actively and knowingly violate the 7th Cavalry's policy on donations by circumventing the chain of command that denied his initial RFA and proceeded to solicit donations from members himself privately. While this wasn't outlined in the General Order specifically, this is a clear act of insubordination, disrespect, and a glaringly obvious character flaws. In the very least, it is conduct unbecoming a non-commissioned officer in the 7th Cavalry.

I will be honest here, when I say this is by far the worst thing I've seen in over 9 years of being a member here. You can disrespect me, and I'll for sure be annoyed. But stealing and taking money from our membership makes my blood boil. Once I had my hunce, I forwarded what evidence I had to the SecOps HQ and they followed our SOP on how to manage an Article 32/CM.

In his hearing, the only excuse David Kerr had for his actions was "I did not know about how General Order 10 affected me".

Please, do not give or donate money unless we have gotten an official call to aid. I love that this community helps members in their time of need. But it's exactly that reason that we also need to be careful in how we approach these. Let us do the due diligence on what should be something we can help with.

If anyone wishes to talk about this particular matter, I am always availible.

If anyone wishes to try and claim back money from the Go Fund Me's, you can contact go fund me here. This page is public, so you should be able to link them to it.

// On behalf of General Staff
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