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Announcement S3 HQ Announcement Regarding ARMA 3 Tactical Realism 1

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In the many weeks and months leading up to furlough, there were many internal discussions within S3 and 1BN HQ regarding the status of our ARMA 3 Tactical Realism 1 server. Based on the data available at the time, ultimately the decision was made to shut down the server until after furlough and gather more data during the time in which the server would be offline to help facilitate a decision on the future of Tactical Realism 1.

During the period in the last ~2 months that the ARMA3 Tactical Realism server has been offline, S3 HQ in conjunction with 1BN HQ have looked at the data and have come to the consensus that ARMA3 Tac-1 should remain offline indefinitely.

There has been a departmental focus shift towards Tactical Realism 2, an effort which has seen more than moderate success as we've come out of furlough. Overall, numbers and player engagement have significantly increased on ARMA3 Tac-2 compared to the end of last year and ARMA3 Public Staff has been providing very positive reports.

So What Does This Mean?

Considering Tactical Realism 1 has been offline for almost several months, nothing major is changing from what has already been the case this year and the end of last year.

As already mentioned, the department and battalion as a whole has shifted development and recruitment efforts to Tactical Realism 2. In light of Tac-1 being removed from the equation, it is likely that Tactical Realism 2 will simply be re-branded to "Tactical Realism" in the near future, though more on that will come later.

In the meantime, our wonderful S3 Development Staff and S3 Public Staff are still hard at work on actively developing and maintaining Tactical Realism 2, bringing improvements and ensuring that the vision of the battalion and values of the Cav are reinforced so as to showcase to the public why 7th Cavalry Gaming is among the best at what we do.

I would like to re-iterate that this is not bad news. Quite the opposite, in fact. This decision was made to capitalize on the current environment based on gathered data and patterns while also allowing S3 and its staff to prioritize efforts on said capitalization. There are many exciting things currently in works regarding Tactical Realism 2 and many more equally exciting and limitless opportunities. That's a fancy way of saying that the sky is the limit with the proper effort.

I encourage anybody who hasn't previously already done so to join us someday on Tac-2 at your earliest convenience and experience a closer representation of what the 7th Cavalry truly has to offer in regards to ARMA. There are to excellent opportunities to do this every week during our weekly Warfare Wednesday public ops and our new EU-centric Oda Friday's public ops. Of course , though, any time is also a good time to hop on the server!

As always, any questions can be directed through your CoC to S3 HQ, which would be myself and the new S3 2IC, Whitsel.M.

First Lieutenant Raeder, Ulrich
S3 Officer in Charge
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