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Corporal Jarvis.EJ



Full name
EJ Jarvis
Primary position
Forum account
Join Date
Oct 12, 2020
Promotion Date
Sep 30, 2021
Time in service
Years: [2] Months: [11]
Time in grade
Years: [2] Months: [0]

Service record

Date Record Type Citation
2023-06-16 Honorable Discharge Discharge -
2023-02-16 Placed on ELOA ELOA -
2022-10-30 Completed 34th Combat Mission (Operation Tipping Point) Operation -
2022-07-30 Completed 33rd Combat Mission (Operation Community Crucible 30JUL22) Operation -
2022-02-05 Completed 32nd Combat Mission (Operation False Start) Operation -
2021-12-05 Completed 31st Combat Mission (Operation Square Hammer 04DEC21 (B/2-7 FTX)) Operation -
2021-11-21 Completed 30th Combat Mission (Operation Liberty Road (Alpha Company FTX)) Operation -
2021-11-17 Completed 29th Combat Mission (Operation Omaha Beach) Operation -
2021-11-14 Completed 28th Combat Mission (Operation Citadel) Operation -
2021-11-08 Completed 27th Combat Mission (Campaign Slaughter Sunday's NOV21. Operation Slaughter Sunday's 7NOV21) Operation -
2021-11-06 Completed 26th Combat Mission (Operation Diving Falcon) Operation -
2021-10-23 Completed 25th Combat Mission (Operation Thunderdome) Operation -
2021-10-15 Completed 24th Combat Mission (Operation Ares 15th October) Operation -
2021-10-10 Completed 23rd Combat Mission (Operation Zimmer Frei) Operation -
2021-10-03 Completed 22nd Combat Mission (Operation Rat King) Operation -
2021-10-01 Attended the Server Administration Course Graduation -
2021-10-01 Promoted to Corporal (E-4) Promotion Citation
2021-09-23 Completed 21st Combat Mission (Operation Bravo Co. FTX) Operation -
2021-09-06 Completed 20th Combat Mission (Operation French Vanilla) Operation -
2021-08-14 Completed 19th Combat Mission (Operation Defenders Advantage) Operation -
2021-08-07 Completed 18th Combat Mission (Operation Battle of Carentan) Operation -
2021-07-03 Completed 17th Combat Mission (Operation Ausbeutung) Operation -
2021-06-22 Graduated NCOA Warrior Leadership Course Phase II Graduation -
2021-06-22 Completed 16th Combat Mission (Campaign Let Loose Tuesdays JUN21. Operation Trenched 'n Tuesday 22June2021) Operation -
2021-05-16 Completed 15th Combat Mission (Operation Crossroads) Operation -
2021-05-08 Completed 14th Combat Mission (Operation King of the Hill) Operation -
2021-04-17 Completed 13th Combat Mission (Campaign IASP 2021. Operation Kettle) Operation -
2021-04-14 Graduated NCOA Warrior Leadership Course Phase I Graduation -
2021-03-12 Completed 12th Combat Mission (Campaign Golden Toothbrush. Operation Resurrection) Operation -
2021-02-27 Completed 11th Combat Mission (Campaign Golden Toothbrush. Operation Amazonian Rage) Operation -
2021-02-21 Completed 10th Combat Mission (Operation Search and Destroy II) Operation -
2021-02-21 Completed 9th Combat Mission (Operation C/2-7 FTX) Operation -
2021-02-21 Graduated Hell Let Loose Basic Weapons Qualification Course Graduation -
2021-02-16 Completed 8th Combat Mission (Campaign Let Loose Tuesdays FEB21. Operation Trenched n Tuesday 17FEB2021) Operation -
2021-02-13 Completed 7th Combat Mission (Operation Operation Search and Destroy I) Operation -
2021-02-07 Completed 6th Combat Mission (Operation The Forest) Operation -
2021-01-25 Completed 5th Combat Mission (Operation Twice The Pride) Operation -
2021-01-18 Promoted to Specialist (E-4) Promotion Citation
2021-01-17 Completed 4th Combat Mission (Operation We Back Baby) Operation -
2020-11-20 Graduated Hell Let Loose Basic Infantry Combat Training Course Graduation -
2020-11-18 Promoted to Private First Class (E-3) Promotion Citation
2020-11-08 Completed 3rd Combat Mission (Operation Thunderous Wave) Operation -
2020-11-04 Completed 2nd Combat Mission (Campaign Let Loose Tuesdays NOV20. Operation Trenched N Tuesday 03NOV20) Operation -
2020-10-31 Completed 1st Combat Mission (Operation Iberian Crusade) Operation -
2020-10-18 Transferred and Assigned Airborne Infantry D/2/B/2-7 Transfer -
2020-10-18 Graduated Boot Camp, Promoted to Private (E-2) Graduation Citation
2020-10-12 Enlisted in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, Assigned Boot Camp Transfer -

Awards and recognition

Date Award   Details  
2021-08-13 Bronze Star with Valor Device Operation Battle of Carentan Citation
2021-03-05 Army Commendation Medal Operation Amazonian Rage Citation
2021-02-03 Army Achievement Medal RRD Winter Classic Citation
2022-10-18 Army Good Conduct Medal 1st Bronze Knot Citation
2021-10-18 Army Good Conduct Medal   Citation
2023-02-01 Donation Ribbon 2nd award Citation
2021-02-08 Donation Ribbon 1st Award Citation
2020-10-18 Army Service Ribbon   Citation
2021-03-21 Hell Let Loose Service Ribbon   Citation
2020-11-20 Basic Assault Course Ribbon   Citation
2021-05-16 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2011-06-02 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2010-09-18 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2009-08-10 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2004-09-01 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2003-03-18 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2022-05-08 Army Superior Unit Citation 2/B/2-7 Citation
2020-10-31 Expert Infantry Badge   Citation
2021-01-24 Combat Infantry Badge   Citation
2021-02-21 Combat Infantry Badge 2nd Award   Citation
2021-05-16 Combat Infantry Badge 3rd Award   Citation
2021-09-05 Combat Infantry Badge 4th Award   Citation
2021-02-21 Rifle Sharpshooter Awarded for the completion of one or more of the weapons qualification courses with above average scores. Citation