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  • Drunk on REYKA wodka... fired up the grill and getting sunburned - LIKE AN AMERICAN - - ENJOY!
    Gorgeous cool morn + Tullamore Dew in the first cup of coffee - BAD HABITS - - ENJOY!
    Sorry for skippin' a day BUT the REYKA vodka bottle was twice the size of my normal Stolichnaya. - ENJOY!
    Recovered from one of my longest benders (an ol' buddy passed away recently) SO I am back, Boyz!! - ENJOY!
    Getting ready to head back to the northern part of the Mason-Dixie line. - ENJOY
    Its A Trap GIF
    Sorry for not posting more and sooner - Still babysitting my new grandchild in Huntsville, AL - BIBLE for sure - - ENJOY!
    Lord...looks like another wodka nite. Song for a bad break-up - COUNTY LINE - - ENJOY!
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