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Teamspeak - Public Lounge

Discussion in 'Public Suggestion Box' started by Archer.T, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Archer.T

    Archer.T Corporal Discharged


    I have seen the public longue on teamspeak was removed, I don't know when but maybe we should re add or alternative gaming channels it as we all have friends that play with the 7th Cavalry but we all play different games too

    Over the last few weeks a couple of people sit in recruiting office channels or Non-game chat tac1 and tac2 channels because there is nowhere to go for CAV and NON-Cav members to hangout and chat/play other games currently and i think it would good to add something like this to teamspeak.

    Because It makes a more friendly environment in the respect we could find out new things about each other and what games we play etc.

    IF anyone spots a spelling mistake or bad grama just tell me!
    anyway there is my suggestion

    SPC. Archer.T
    Date: 15/03/19
    Time: 17:27
  2. Knights.Z

    Knights.Z B/1-7 Trooper Specialist Active Member

    One suggestion I had a while ago before furlough was to have permanent chat channels named generic #1, #2, #3 etc

    My solution for gaming channels is a bit more creative (and also requires a bit of knowledge of the teamspeak permission system), instead of having fixed named channels for gaming, a parent channel is set up, which allow CAV members to create temporary child channels with custom names

    For those who don't know, temporary channels in teamspeak delete themselves after the last client leaves it.

    Now of course the immediate concerns over this system are going to be along the lines of inappropriate names for channels, what if there are too many and it gets cluttered etc

    Now the second issue is easily resolved, the parent channel can be limited to the number of children it can have, so you can limit the amount of custom game channels to say 5 for example

    On the topic of the system being used inappropriately, the ability to create temporary channels can be permission limited; I.E. NCO+ or SPC+ or whatever command decides it to be of this idea ever comes to fruition

    Of course if it is abused then I'm sure you can report it and the offender will get a stem talking to.

    One of the reasons I like this system is that it easily shows what people are up to in a channel, and also would allow pubs to join also