Remembering 9/11

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    I was 14 years old living abroad in China with my family. It was in the middle of the night (1am?), and our friends (who were also American) came violently knocking on our door. I remember seeing the footage, feeling so very insecure. There was nothing we could do, even more so being so far away from the States. It was a truly insecure feeling.
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    I came from school and went to play the just released game called Operation Flashpoint. Back in the day I had no internet access so I played single player.
    Then my landline phone rang, and it was my mom calling from work. She shouted:"Quick, turn the TV on they are dropping planes on America !".
    So I went into the other room and saw the news. Reports there did not show the horror of people jumping out of windows in despair. Just the two smoking buildings and nobody was sure what was going on yet. Then both buildings collapsed.
    Later that evening I learned that the pentagon was also attacked, and I believe one more plane crashed before reaching its intended target.
    After the news told about the suspects and actions the US will take to retaliate. The events on that day have probably changed the world forever, although I was not old enough to realise any of that at the time.
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    I was 11 and in fifth grade. I woke up and turned on the TV. The TV showed one tower with smoke. I saw the second plane fly in and hit the second tower on TV. I went to school and we had a very different day from the usual.
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    Reviving this post for those who want to share their memories of this sad day of grief for America all those years ago today who have not had a chance or are new to the CAV, I hope those of you who are old enough to remember the day will share your stories.
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    I can only remember being very young and the neighbor (parent of the friend i was playing with i'm pretty sure) coming on her balcony saying some planes had drove in a TV-tower in the US. I don't know if that was the exact words or not. But i can just vividly swear i was outside playing with some friends. That's the only thing though i can remember, and of course a lot more info etc at school probably happened too. I was just 7 years old.
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    I still lived in Augusta Georgia, when 9/11 happened. We were playing outside for recess , after having lunch. Normally the teach would just blow a whistle a few time to let us to come back and line up, but all the teacher came running out to the play ground, blowing like crazy for us to get back. They didn't tell us what happened till we the whole school was put in the cafeteria. We got sent back to our classrooms and started packing our bags to be sent home early. None of us kids had seen any TV footage for what happened actually happened, we only knew what we were told.
    As we wait for the buses/parents to come pick us up I asked my teacher if I could go to the library and return a book and get a new one to read. She said yes go on but be back fast. As I walked to the library the halls were dead quite, most of the teachers always kept their door closed, but that day even open I remember not a sound from inside any of them, all the kids older and younger were silent. When I got to the library I returned my book and got another one fast as i could, and went to the check-out desk. I want to ask our librarian what we got told really meant, as I was still trying to grasp my mind around what we got told, but I could tell she was sad and had cried, so I didn't bother her, just said thanks and went back to my classroom. I should point out our school librarian was the grandmother of one of my friends in the same class as me. I learned only the next week from his aunt died in the towers, she died still inside when the towers came down.
    When I got back to my classroom, some of our parents were already there, along with my mom. All of the adults were talking with the teacher, in low voices, but we all knew what they were talking about. I said bye to my friends and teacher, and left with my mom. In the car ride back, all mom told me school would go back to normal tomorrow. When I got home she sat me down and explained it to me what happened and let me see the news if I wanted to but only for a bit. That is when I saw the destruction for the first time. Everything was just on repeat, sometimes they tossed in new info. I stopped watching after a bit and just didn't do much the rest of the day, beside my homework for the week. After my dad got home that night he told us the second tower had came down too. All of is was just so much to take in I just went to bed early that night right after dinner.
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    I was at work when the news flashed over TV, I remember traffic becoming scarce streets were bare it was so-real it was unbelievable such a thing could happen, Sad Day it was
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    I was in 6th grade on my recess, just seating outside. When a friend of mine called to see the T.V, that something bad just happened in the U.S. I didn't comprehend what happened or the implications of this event that were unfolding. Eventually, later in the day, when all ended. My uncle and my grandparents explained to me what happened, and what it meant. Many years later I went to the exact place where the twin towers were built. It was just an eerie, and quiet place. Just a hole, nothing there, just workers excavating. From this day in 2001, will be a day to never forget
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    was in basic training on the rifle range
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    I was at school i believe second grade and we were going over english. I remember the first grade teacher burst into the class and screamed turn on the TV. We all watched the whole event and I remember it being seared into my mind watching a man in a white top and black pants with a red tie jumping to his death. While all us 2nd graders were all terrified our teacher began to scream how this was all the Russians and we are all going to die from being nuked. Then my parents picked me up from school. I would like to believe that was a big contributor to me joining the Army 10 years later.
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    I too was in the 7th grade. My thoughts made it into the back cover of my school's yearbook. Picture en route gimme a min

    we'll i just wrote a full page edit and GONE.... I'll retype it in a bit.

    Until I get this post to full awesome know this: Our servicemen and women, of past present and future, are our heroes, bar - none. God bless the USA and God bless you all forever and always.

    Edwards just reminded me: a small note from that day and subsequent weeks. Nuclear scare was at a high point here next to Cape Canaveral.... a prime target, right next to Patrick AFB..... Yeah death was imminent, it seemed. I'ma get a more thorough post up. Check it in the AM. <3
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    Maybe a bit of a lighter story to lighten up the thread:

    I remember that today (the 12th Sep) in 2001, was the first time I went to Disneyland. I was about four, so all I remember of 9/11 was getting out of school early that day, and leaving for our planned trip early since we couldn't fly and had to rent a van to drive from AZ To CA. I guess nothing was stopping my parents from taking me to Disneyland (non-refundable tickets, idk?). The place was basically empty, we got upgraded to a suite for free, and they never made me get off the rides because there were no lines. I learned I was scared of a man-sized Goofy at a young age. I hated "Small world", and Space Mountain was my Space Jam. I don't really remember any somber vibes to the whole ordeal, but then again I was four. What I do recall is my parents never taking me there again because they thought I'd expect it to be like that every time.
    I also distinctly remember taking a purple poop after eating at the Cafe in the hotel
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    You're at least 4x more awesome in my book, for this story alone.
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    I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in 7th grade, in New Hope, a Christian Private school. I was sitting in AP Math. There was maybe 50 kids attending the school. I remember the Assistant Principal walking in and saying that a plane had just hit the World Trade Center (the first plane), and that it looked to be an accident. I remember that it could be a small plane, such as a Cessna or something of the like. Then I remember shortly after that, him coming back and saying that a second plane had hit the second tower and that we were under attack, and that we all were to return to our home rooms and prepare to have our parents pick us up. Well, the school is 5 miles from Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, and when this all happened, the base went on lockdown for several hours. I ended up having to be taken home by a close family friend as my parents could not leave the base. I got home and turned on the TV, and watched in horror (as it was the first time seeing the news). That day my youthful innocence was taken from me, and I learned how cruel the world could really be. I learned what terrorism was. I vowed that I would never forget, and I have not forgotten.
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  15. Mulligan.B

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    I was 11 years old, growing up just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I was in 6th grade, in class when the teacher told us about the first plane. We didn't have much time to discuss as we were due to start our lunch period. I lived close so I always went home for lunch where my Aunt, who lived with my family at the time, cared for my brother and I. She always had lunch ready for us, but I remember coming home with my brother (8yo at the time) to find she hadn't made us anything. We found her watching the news in the living room and she asked if I could make sandwiches for us. I was 11 so my PB&J skills were already strong. The second plane hit while we were still at home. It was an odd feeling, because in my 11 years I hadn't really been exposed to something like this. My brother was 8 and really didn't understand at the time. We went back to school. I don't have specific recollection of the afternoon, just that I went back.

    I think we all just felt immense grief and sorrow for our neighbors to our South. We watched everyday, sent cards (all of the schools had made cards and such to be sent), and the weeks that followed we always had those affected by the attacks in our minds and hearts.

    I do remember that we had to cancel plans with family and friends on the 11th. They we all to come over for dinner. September 11th is my Mom's birthday.
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    I was in the 5th grade and honestly didn't know anything happened until my mother picked me up early from my after-school program around 4 or 5 PM EST. All the teachers in my school somehow managed to keep their cool and run a normal day. I didn't really understand the gravity of what happened in terms of destruction and loss of life until a few years later, but I fully understood that day that the country was about to go to war. I remember my older brother assuring me that a war would end soon - how wrong he was.