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First Sergeant Summerfield.P



Full name
Patrick Summerfield
First Sergeant
Primary position
First Sergeant A/1-7
Secondary positions
  • S7 ARMA ACE Instructor
Forum account
Join Date
Aug 2, 2017
Promotion Date
Oct 9, 2019
Time in service
Years: [3] Months: [7]
Time in grade
Years: [1] Months: [5]

Service record

Date Record Type Citation
2020-11-29 Completed 53rd Combat Mission (Operation Warpath) Operation -
2020-10-18 Completed 52nd Combat Mission (Operation Desert Trident) Operation -
2020-10-17 Completed 51st Combat Mission (Campaign Charcoal. Operation Piecemeal V) Operation -
2020-09-26 Completed 50th Combat Mission (Campaign RC East. Operation Strike Eagle) Operation -
2020-09-13 Completed 48th Combat Mission (Operation Broken Arrow Redux) Operation -
2020-08-26 Completed 47th Combat Mission (Campaign August Warfare Wednesday. Operation Warfare Wednesday 60) Operation -
2020-08-19 Completed 46th Combat Mission (Campaign August Warfare Wednesday. Operation Warfare Wednesday 59) Operation -
2020-08-15 Completed 45th Combat Mission (Campaign Campaign RC East. Operation Operation Dirty Boots) Operation -
2020-08-14 Graduated ARMA3 Combat Lifesaver Course Graduation -
2020-08-12 Completed 44th Combat Mission (Campaign August Warfare Wednesday. Operation Warfare Wednesday 58) Operation -
2020-07-26 Completed 43rd Combat Mission (Operation Determination) Operation -
2020-07-25 Completed 42nd Combat Mission (Campaign Charcoal. Operation Piecemeal IV) Operation -
2020-07-05 Completed 41st Combat Mission (Campaign Fallen Kingdom. Operation Shattered Gatehouse) Operation -
2020-07-03 Completed 40th Combat Mission (Operation Old World Charm) Operation -
2020-07-01 Completed 39th Combat Mission (Campaign July Warfare Wednesday. Operation Warfare Wednesday 52) Operation -
2020-06-28 Completed 38th Combat Mission (Operation Tailspin) Operation -
2020-04-26 Completed 37th Combat Mission (Campaign DARK MOUNTAIN. Operation TWILIGHT STORM) Operation -
2020-04-18 Assigned S3 ARMA3 Aviation Center of Excellence, Instructor as Additional Duty Assignment -
2020-04-11 Completed 36th Combat Mission (Operation Poltergeist) Operation -
2020-02-08 Completed 35th Combat Mission (Campaign Forsaken Fate Phase 1. Operation Stepping Stone) Operation -
2020-02-05 Completed 34th Combat Mission (Campaign February Warfare Wednesday. Operation Warfare Wednesday 31) Operation -
2020-01-12 Completed 33rd Combat Mission (Operation Broken Arrow) Operation -
2019-12-07 Completed 32nd Combat Mission (Campaign Liberty Bell, Operation Enigma) Operation -
2019-11-28 Attended the Server Administration Course Graduation -
2019-10-27 Completed 31st Combat Mission (Operation Jumping Spider) Transfer -
2019-10-09 Promoted to First Sergeant (E-8) Promotion Citation
2019-10-04 Transferred and Assigned First Sergeant A/1-7 Transfer -
2019-09-18 Completed 30th Combat Mission (Campaign September Warfare Wednesdays, Operation Warfare Wednesday 14) Operation -
2019-09-11 Completed 29th Combat Mission (Campaign September Warfare Wednesdays, Operation Warfare Wednesday 13) Operation -
2019-08-31 Promoted to Chief Warrant Officer 2 (W-2), Assigned Platoon Sergeant 1/A/1-7 Promotion Citation
2019-08-24 Completed 28th Combat Mission (Campaign Black Shield, Operation Jumper Morgan) Operation -
2019-08-20 Passed ARMA3 Advanced Rotary Evaluation Graduation -
2019-08-20 Promoted to Warrant Officer 1 (W-1) Promotion Citation
2019-08-10 Completed 27th Combat Mission (Operation Red Salmon) Operation -
2019-08-04 Completed 26th Combat Mission (Operation Yellowstone Redux) Operation -
2019-04-21 Graduated ARMA3 Advanced Individual Training Course, Class 016/04/19 Graduation -
2019-04-20 Completed 25th Combat Mission (Operation Rolling Thunder) Operation -
2019-04-06 Completed 24th Combat Mission (Campaign Shattered Hourglass, Operation Boiling Point) Operation -
2019-03-31 Graduated ARMA3 Aviation Basic Rotary Aircrew Course, Class 013/03/19 Graduation -
2019-03-30 Completed 23rd Combat Mission (Campaign Jungle Gauntlet, Operation Javelin) Operation -
2019-03-24 Graduated ARMA3 Door Gunner Course, Class 012/03/19 Graduation -
2019-03-16 Completed 22nd Combat Mission (Campaign Jungle Gauntlet, Operation Valkyrie) Operation -
2019-01-31 Graduated ARMA3 Basic Mechanized Crewman Course, Class05/02/19 Graduation -
2018-10-13 Completed 21st Combat Mission (Operation Parting Gift) Operation -
2018-10-09 Completed 20th Combat Mission (Operation Chimera Thief) Operation -
2018-09-15 Completed 19th Combat Mission (Operation Jialong) Operation -
2018-07-21 Completed 18th Combat Mission (Campaign Brass Pillar, Operation Moonstone Angel) Operation -
2018-07-15 Completed 17th Combat Mission (Operation Gipsy Blitz Redux) Operation -
2018-05-30 Completed 16th Combat Mission (Operation Proud Mountain Pt. 2) Operation -
2018-05-26 Completed 15th Combat Mission (Campaign Juniper Spear Phase 2, Operation Python Strangle) Operation -
2018-05-19 Completed 14th Combat Mission (Operation Outlaw Posse) Operation -
2018-04-28 Completed 13th Combat Mission (Operation Crimson Shrike) Operation -
2018-04-01 Completed 12th Combat Mission (Operation Lucky Pluck) Operation -
2018-03-31 Graduated ARMA3 Basic Radio Communication Course, Class 013/03/18 Graduation -
2018-03-11 Promoted to Corporal (E-4) Promotion Citation
2018-03-10 Completed 11th Combat Mission (Campaign Juniper Spear, Operation Window Shopping) Operation -
2018-03-05 Completed 10th Combat Mission (Campaign Juniper Spear, Operation Hearts and Minds) Operation -
2018-02-25 Completed 9th Combat Mission (Operation Palm Crescent) Operation -
2018-02-10 Completed 8th Combat Mission (Campaign Juniper Spear, Operation Dealbreaker) Operation -
2018-02-04 Graduated ARMA3 Basic Air Assault Course, Class 005/02/18 Graduation Citation
2018-02-03 Graduated NCOA Warrior Leadership Course, Class 01*01-18 Graduation Citation
2018-01-20 Graduated ARMA3 Aviation Advanced Rotary Flight Course, Class 003/01/18 Graduation -
2017-12-02 Completed 7th Combat Mission (Operation Fever Dream Redux) Operation -
2017-11-19 Completed 6th Combat Mission (Operation Red Dawn Part 2) Operation -
2017-11-18 Completed 5th Combat Mission (Operation Giant's Bane) Operation -
2017-11-12 Completed 4th Combat Mission (Campaign Hiking Trip, Operation Hiking Trip Part 2) Operation -
2017-11-11 Promoted to Specialist (E-4) Promotion Citation
2017-11-05 Completed 3rd Combat Mission (Operation Legion) Operation -
2017-10-08 Completed 2nd Combat Mission (Operation Tradesman) Operation -
2017-10-07 Graduated ARMA3 Aviation Basic Rotary Flight Course, Class 041/10/17 Graduation -
2017-10-07 Completed 1st Combat Mission (Operation Explorer) Operation -
2017-09-12 Graduated ARMA3 Basic Individual Training Course, Class 037/09/17 Graduation -
2017-09-12 Promoted to Private First Class (E-3) Promotion Citation
2017-09-09 Graduated ARMA3 Basic Land Navigation Course, Class 037/09/17 Graduation -
2017-08-22 Transferred and Assigned Trooper B/1/A/1-7 Transfer -
2017-08-13 Graduated ARMA3 Aviation Ground School, Class 033/08/17 Graduation -
2017-08-13 Graduated Boot Camp, Promoted to Private (E-2) Graduation Citation
2017-08-02 Enlisted in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, Assigned Boot Camp 031/07/17 Transfer -

Awards and recognition

Date Award   Details  
2021-01-18 StackUp Donation Medal 2020 StackUp Campaign Citation
2003-03-18 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2004-09-01 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2009-08-10 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2010-09-18 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2011-06-02 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2017-08-13 Army Service Ribbon   Citation
2017-08-13 Rifle Expert Awarded for the completion of one or more of the weapons qualification courses with excellent scores. Citation
2017-08-13 Grenade Sharpshooter Awarded for the completion of one or more of the weapons qualification courses with above average scores. Citation
2017-10-07 Expert Infantry Badge   Citation
2017-11-18 Combat Infantry Badge   Citation
2018-02-04 Air Assault Badge   Citation
2018-02-05 Donation Ribbon 1st Award Citation
2018-03-05 Combat Infantry Badge 2nd Award   Citation
2018-04-13 United Nations Service Medal Campaign Juniper Spear Phase 1 (Arma3) Citation
2018-04-29 Prisoner of War Medal Operation Lucky Pluck Citation
2018-05-07 Army Air Medal Operation Dealbreaker Citation
2018-05-26 Combat Infantry Badge 3rd Award   Citation
2018-08-13 Army Good Conduct Medal   Citation
2018-10-09 Combat Infantry Badge 4th Award   Citation
2018-10-25 National Defense Service Medal   Citation
2018-10-25 Overseas Service Ribbon   Citation
2018-11-02 Donation Ribbon 2nd Award Citation
2019-03-10 Donation Ribbon 3rd Award Citation
2019-03-25 Aeroweapons Sharpshooter   Citation
2019-04-02 Aircraft Crewman Badge   Citation
2019-04-16 Donation Ribbon 4th Award Citation
2019-08-13 Army Good Conduct Medal 1st Bronze Knot Citation
2019-08-17 Army Achievement Medal   Citation
2019-08-20 Army Aviator Badge   Citation
2019-09-03 Humanitarian Service Medal 1st Award Citation
2019-09-03 Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal   Citation
2019-09-03 Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal   Citation
2019-10-02 Aircraft Senior Crewman Badge   Citation
2019-10-09 NCO Professional Development Ribbon First Sergeant Promotion Citation
2019-10-11 Humanitarian Service Medal 2nd Award Citation
2019-11-20 Humanitarian Service Medal 3rd Award Citation
2020-01-16 7th Cavalry Server Upgrade Award   Citation
2020-02-21 Senior Army Aviator Badge   Citation
2020-07-11 Aircraft Master Crewman Badge   Citation
2020-07-31 Distinguished Flying Cross Operation Tailspin Citation
2020-08-12 Army Good Conduct Medal 2nd Bronze Knot Citation
2020-09-02 Bronze Star with Valor Device Operation Dirty Boots Citation
2021-02-19 United Nations Service Medal Campaign August Warfare Wednesday Citation
2020-09-06 Humanitarian Service Medal 4th Award Citation
2020-09-24 Bronze Star Operation Broken Arrow Redux Citation
2020-10-03 Army Commendation Medal Operation Strong Eagle Citation
2020-10-11 Meritorious Service Medal Alpha Company, 1st Battalion Citation
2020-10-26 Humanitarian Service Medal 5th Award Citation
2020-12-14 Army Commendation Medal A/1-7 Citation