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General Kleinman.H



Full name
Harm Kleinman
Primary position
Regimental Executive Officer
Forum account
Join Date
Jul 11, 2009
Promotion Date
Feb 15, 2016
Time in service
Years: [11] Months: [7]
Time in grade
Years: [5] Months: [0]

Service record

Date Record Type Citation
2009-07-11 Enlisted in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, Assigned Boot Camp 026/07/2009 Transfer -
2009-07-18 Graduated Boot Camp, Promoted to Private (E-2), Assigned Trooper D/1/B/1-7 Graduation -
2009-07-24 Completed 1st Combat Mission (Operation Stronghold) Operation -
2009-08-06 Completed Combat Action (War Order #8) Operation -
2009-08-10 Participated in multiple combat actions against 101st AB clan that resulted in a smashing victory. Operation -
2009-08-11 Named Enlisted Trooper of the Month for July 2009 - -
2009-08-15 Graduated the Drill Instructor Course, Assigned Drill Instructor Graduation Citation
2009-08-16 Promoted to Private First Class (E-3) Promotion Citation
2009-08-21 Completed 2nd Combat Mission (Operation Leatherneck) Operation -
2009-08-22 Transferred and Assigned Section Leader C/1/B/1-7 Transfer -
2009-08-22 Assigned Acting NCOIC for RTC Boot Camp Department. Assignment -
2009-09-12 Completed 3rd Combat Mission (Operation Lights Out) Operation -
2009-09-13 Received Battlefield Commission to 2nd Lieutenant (O-1) Promotion Citation
2009-09-20 Graduated ARMA2 Basic Armor Crewman Course, Class 09-09-01 Graduation Citation
2009-09-24 Added Additional Duty as OIC for Recruit Training Command Assignment -
2009-09-26 Completed 4th Combat Mission (Operation Swift Strike) Operation -
2009-10-10 Completed 5th Combat Mission (Operation Just Visiting) Operation -
2009-10-25 Transferred and Assigned Platoon Leader 3/C/1-7 Transfer -
2009-10-27 Added Additional Duty as MP (In Training) Assignment -
2009-10-30 Completed 6th Combat Mission (Operation Steel Nest) Operation -
2009-11-02 Promoted to First Lieutenant (O-2) Promotion Citation
2009-11-18 Named Officer of the Month for October 2009 - -
2009-11-20 Completed 7th Combat Mission (Operation Serpent Head) Operation -
2010-01-10 Transferred and Assigned Executive Officer C/1-7 Transfer -
2010-01-11 Completed MP Training, Assigned Full MP Status Assignment -
2010-01-16 Assigned Commander C/1-7 Transfer -
2010-01-27 Earned Special Flight Permission to be utilized in time of combat for Support Aircraft. The actual training conducted for this individual are classified (TOP SECRET). Graduation -
2010-01-31 Promoted to Captain (O-3) Promotion Citation
2010-02-21 Transferred and Assigned Commander D/2-7 Transfer -
2010-02-26 Completed 8th Combat Mission (Operation Just Tango Reforger) Operation -
2010-04-18 Retired from the 7th Cavalry Regiment, received Honorable Discharge Discharge Citation
2010-05-10 Graduated Ranger Class 004-009 Graduation Citation
2010-06-02 Participated in War Order #13 vs the F2F Clan that resulted in a smashing victory. Operation -
2010-06-24 Re-Enlisted in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, Voluntary Reduction in Rank to First Lieutenant (O-2), Transferred and Assigned Executive Officer C/1-7, Assigned Drill Instructor Transfer -
2010-07-13 Assigned OIC Recruit Training Command, as Additional Duty Assignment -
2010-07-15 Assigned to the MP Department, as Additional Duty Assignment -
2010-07-29 Assigned Company Commander C/1-7 Transfer -
2010-07-31 Relieved of Duties from the MP Department, Per GOA Assignment -
2010-09-11 Graduated ARMA2 Advanced Individual Training Course, Phase I Graduation -
2010-10-05 Transferred and Assigned Platoon Leader/Scout Sniper 4/C/1-7 Transfer -
2010-11-06 Promoted to Captain (O-3), Transferred and Assigned Commander C/1-7 Promotion Citation
2010-11-17 Transferred and Assigned Commander 1-7, Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel (O-5) Transfer Citation
2010-11-17 Relieved of Duties as Recruit Training Command OIC Assignment -
2010-12-10 Completed 9th Combat Mission (Arma TvT Operation) Operation -
2011-01-10 Completed 10th Combat Mission (Operation Full Contact) Operation -
2011-01-16 Assigned S3 Battle Staff Lead Tester as Additional Duty Assignment -
2011-01-16 Completed 11th Combat Mission (Operation Acid Gambit) Operation -
2011-01-29 Awarded Special Forces TAB For Training Received While Defending the United States of America in the United States Marine Corps. - Citation
2011-02-11 Completed 12th Combat Mission (Operation HailMary) Operation -
2011-04-06 Promoted to Colonel (O-6) Promotion Citation
2011-04-09 Completed 13th Combat Mission (Operation TnT) Operation -
2011-04-11 Assigned S1 Executive Officer as Additional Duty Assignment -
2011-04-16 Completed 14th Combat Mission (Operation Saving Lucy) - JOINT OP Operation -
2011-05-21 Completed 15th Combat Mission (Operation Shoot to Thrill ) Operation -
2011-06-11 Completed 16th Combat Mission (Operation Heatseeker) Operation -
2011-10-23 Promoted to Brigadier General (O-7) Promotion -
2011-12-03 Transferred and Assigned OIC of the Combat Action Group Assignment -
2012-04-12 Completed 18th Combat Mission (Operation RedBullClip) Operation -
2012-05-07 Promoted to Major General (O-8) Promotion Citation
2012-06-24 Due to Administrative Oversight, removed from S1 XO due to an Earlier Assignment Assignment -
2012-11-04 Transferred and Assigned Security Operations Chief Transfer -
2013-01-19 Completed 19th Combat Mission (Operation Combined Strength) Operation -
2013-02-15 Assigned to the Recruit Training Command, Officer in Charge as Additional Duty Assignment -
2013-02-24 Completed 20th Combat Mission (Operation Kobayashi Maru) Operation -
2013-03-08 Completed 21st Combat Mission (Operation Ironhand) Operation -
2013-03-16 Promoted to Lieutenant General (O-9) Promotion Citation
2014-02-10 Re-assigned Chief of Staff, 7th Cavalry Regiment Transfer -
2014-02-15 Completed 22nd Combat Mission (Operation Ghost Town) Operation -
2014-10-25 Completed 23rd Combat Mission (Operation AFOR) Operation -
2016-02-15 Promoted to General (O-10), assigned Regimental Executive Officer Promotion Citation
2016-06-11 Completed 24th Combat Mission (Campaign Eagle, Operation Rocket Hill) Operation -
2016-08-06 Completed 25th Combat Mission (Operation Fever Dream) Operation -
2016-08-09 Graduated ARMA3 Basic Air Assault Course, Class 032/08/16 Graduation Citation
2017-01-15 Completed 26th Combat Mission (Operation Blue Streak) Operation -
2017-04-22 Assigned OIC of Judge Advocate General Assignment -
2017-11-01 Completed 27th Combat Mission (Operation Leviathan part 1) Operation -
2018-03-23 Relieved of CAG duties, Group stood down Assignment -
2019-08-26 Completed 28th Combat Mission (Operation Homecoming) Operation -
2019-09-29 Assigned OIC of Security Operations as Additional Duty Assignment -

Awards and recognition

Date Award   Details  
2003-03-18 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2004-09-01 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2009-08-09 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2010-09-18 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2011-06-02 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2009-07-18 Army Service Ribbon   Citation
2009-08-01 Silver Star Operation Tango Reforger Citation
2009-08-02 Army Superior Unit Citation   Citation
2009-08-02 Bronze Star   Citation
2009-08-03 Iraq Campaign Medal   Citation
2009-08-03 Donation Ribbon 1st Award Citation
2009-08-06 Expert Infantry Badge   Citation
2009-08-10 Army Commendation Medal with Valor Device   Citation
2009-08-10 Combat Infantry Badge   Citation
2009-08-10 Army Achievement Medal Enlisted July 2009 Citation
2009-08-20 Army Achievement Medal   Citation
2009-08-21 Army Commendation Medal RTC Department Citation
2009-10-10 Army Meritorious Unit Citation   Citation
2009-10-10 Combat Infantry Badge 2nd Award   Citation
2009-10-10 Meritorious Service Medal   Citation
2009-11-17 Army Distinguished Service Medal RTC Department Citation
2009-11-20 Army Parachutist Badge   Citation
2009-11-20 High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) Freefall Badge   Citation
2010-01-18 Army Commendation Medal   Citation