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Specialist Miguel.S



Full name
Sandiego Miguel
Primary position
Trooper 2/1/A/3-7
Forum account
Join Date
Mar 11, 2023
Promotion Date
Jun 17, 2023
Time in service
Years: [1] Months: [2]
Time in grade
Years: [0] Months: [11]

Service record

Date Record Type Citation
2024-05-05 Graduated DCS Basic Carrier Qualification Course Graduation -
2024-04-01 Transfered and Assigned Trooper B/1/A/3-7 Transfer -
2024-03-30 Completed 8th Combat Mission (Campaign Constantine. Operation Were Raven) Operation -
2024-01-06 Completed 7th Combat Mission (Campaign Bronze Thunder. Operation Knockout) Operation -
2023-12-05 Completed 6th Combat Mission (Campaign Let Loose Tuesdays DEC23. Operation Trenched n' Tuesday 05DEC23) Operation -
2023-11-25 Completed 5th Combat Mission (Operation Sleeping Beauty) Operation -
2023-07-22 Completed 4th Combat Mission (Campaign Sands. Operation Open Maw Redux) Operation -
2023-06-20 Transferred and Assigned Trooper B/1/A/ACD Transfer -
2023-06-17 Promoted to Specialist (E-4) Promotion Citation
2023-06-10 Completed 3rd Combat Mission (Campaign Blind Freedom. Operation Falling Asteroid) Operation -
2023-04-28 Transferred and Assigned Trooper D/1/A/ACD Transfer -
2023-04-26 Passed DCS Ground School Evaluation Graduation -
2023-04-18 Promoted to Private First Class (E-3) Promotion Citation
2023-04-15 Completed 2nd Combat Mission (Campaign Saturday Afternoon Strike 2023. Operation Aegis Arising Again) Operation -
2023-04-05 Graduated DCS Aviation Ground School Graduation -
2023-03-29 Completed 1st Combat Mission (Campaign Tactical Tuesdays March 2023. Operation Friction) Operation -
2023-03-19 Graduated Boot Camp, Promoted to Private (E-2) Graduation Citation
2023-03-16 Transferred and Assigned Trooper ITW/A/ACD Transfer -
2023-03-11 Enlisted in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, Assigned Boot Camp Assignment -

Awards and recognition

Date Award   Details  
2023-12-02 Army Achievement Medal 1/A/ACD Enlisted of the Quarter Citation
2024-03-19 Army Good Conduct Medal Initial Citation
2023-03-19 Army Service Ribbon   Citation
2023-12-14 DCS World Service Ribbon Initial Citation
2021-05-16 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2011-06-02 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2010-09-18 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2009-08-10 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2004-09-01 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2003-03-18 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2023-03-29 Expert Infantry Badge   Citation
2023-11-25 Combat Infantry Badge   Citation
2023-05-01 Army Aviator Badge   Citation
2023-09-02 Hydra-70 Sharpshooter Awarded for the completion of one or more of the weapons qualification courses with above average scores. Citation