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Full name
Fedaykin Wolf
Primary position
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Join Date
Oct 7, 2014
Promotion Date
Mar 19, 2019
Time in service
Years: [6] Months: [6]
Time in grade
Years: [2] Months: [0]

Service record

Date Record Type Citation
2021-03-12 AWOL Discharge, Eligible for Re-enlistment Discharge -
2020-08-08 Reinstated, Transferred and Assigned Reserves Transfer -
2019-08-17 Retired from the 7th Cavalry Regiment Discharge -
2019-06-30 Completed 70th Combat Mission (Operation Passage Guardian) Operation -
2019-03-19 Returned from Retirement, Reduction in Rank to Specialist (E-4), Assigned Trooper 1/SP/1-7 Transfer -
2017-10-30 Retired from the 7th Cavalry Regiment with Honors Discharge -
2017-10-15 Returned from ELOA, Transferred and Assigned Mechanized Infantry B/2/B/1-7 ELOA -
2017-08-29 Placed on ELOA ELOA -
2017-06-18 Completed 69th Combat Mission (Operation Northern Tempest) Operation -
2017-06-17 Completed 68th Combat Mission (Campaign Betrayal, Operation Rhinoceros) Operation -
2017-06-13 Assigned to S3 1BN School of Infantry as Additional Duty Assignment -
2017-06-04 Completed 67th Combat Mission (Campaign Annex Chernarus, Operation First Steps) Operation -
2017-05-21 Completed 66th Combat Mission (Ranger Operation Northern Thundercloud) Operation -
2017-05-20 Completed 65th Combat Mission (Operation Dawnbreaker) Operation -
2017-05-13 Completed 64th Combat Mission (Operation Primitive Genesis) Operation -
2017-05-06 Completed 63rd Combat Mission (Operation Stallion Strike) Operation -
2017-04-30 Completed 62nd Combat Mission (Operation Black Gold) Operation -
2017-04-29 Completed 61st Combat Mission (Operation Nachzehrer) Operation -
2017-04-14 Completed 60th Combat Mission (Campaign Stratis Assault, Operation Harbinger) Operation -
2017-04-08 Completed 59th Combat Mission (Campaign Stratis Assault, Operation Sentinel) Operation -
2017-03-25 Completed 58th Combat Mission (Campaign Emerald Storm, Operation Landslide) Operation -
2017-03-25 Graduated ARMA3 Infantry Leaders Course Phase I, Class 013/03/17 Graduation -
2017-03-19 Completed 57th Combat Mission (Operation Raging Rhino) Operation -
2017-03-18 Completed 56th Combat Mission (Campaign Emerald Storm, Operation Cloud Burst), Completed 1st Combat Jump Operation -
2017-03-12 Completed 55th Combat Mission (Operation Brass Stag) Operation -
2017-03-11 Completed 54th Combat Mission (Operation Marble) Operation -
2017-03-04 Completed 53rd Combat Mission (Operation Featherweight) Operation -
2017-02-11 Completed 52nd Combat Mission (Campaign Iron Will, Operation Potassium Run) Operation -
2017-02-04 Completed 51st Combat Mission (Operation Gin Rummy) Operation -
2017-01-22 Completed 50th Combat Mission (Operation Vengeful Eagle) Operation -
2017-01-13 Reinstated, Reduction in Rank to Sergeant (E-5), Transferred and Assigned Trooper 2/3/B/1-7 Transfer -
2016-10-14 Retired from the 7th Cavalry Regiment with Honors Discharge -
2016-10-13 Transferred and Assigned Regimental Officer Pool Transfer -
2016-08-06 Completed 49th Combat Mission (Operation Fever Dream) Operation -
2016-07-31 Completed 48th Combat Mission (Operation Red Tracer) Operation -
2016-07-23 Completed 46th Combat Mission (Operation Jungle Fever) Operation -
2016-07-23 Completed 47th Combat Mission (Operation Pentagon II) Operation -
2016-07-07 Graduated ARMA3 Combat Lifesaver Course, Class 028/07/16 Graduation -
2016-07-03 Completed 45th Combat Mission (Operation Resurgence) Operation -
2016-06-25 Completed 44th Combat Mission (Operation Chalotte's Web) Operation -
2016-06-11 Completed 43rd Combat Mission (Campaign Eagle, Operation Rocket Hill) Operation -
2016-06-05 Relieved of Duties from the Special Wiki Administration Group, Assigned to S1 Regimental Publishing Directorate as Additional Duty Assignment -
2016-05-29 Completed 42nd Combat Mission (Campaign Desert Anvil, Operation Red Scimitar) Operation -
2016-05-21 Completed 41st Combat Mission (Operation Australian Freedom) Operation -
2016-05-02 Promoted to First Lieutenant (O-2) Promotion Citation
2016-04-16 Completed 40th Combat Mission (Campaign Strigoi, Operation Blood Moon) Operation -
2016-03-08 Relieved of Duties from the S1 Uniforms, Per Request Assignment -
2016-02-24 Graduated from Halo Jump Class 042/15 Graduation -
2016-02-14 Completed 39th Combat Mission (Operation Kings Gambit) Operation -
2016-02-05 Completed 38th Combat Mission (Operation Left Hook) Operation -
2016-01-30 Completed 37th Combat Mission (Operation Barren Hills) Operation -
2016-01-29 Completed 36th Combat Mission (Operation Dracula) Operation -
2016-01-28 Completed 35th Combat Mission (Operation Soft Dawn) Operation -
2016-01-26 Assigned S1 Uniforms Lead as Additional Duty Assignment -
2016-01-16 Completed 34th Combat Mission (Operation Sacrifical Pawn) Operation -
2016-01-15 Completed 33rd Combat Mission (Operation Minuteman) Operation -
2016-01-09 Graduated ARMA3 Basic Airborne Course, Class 001/09/16 Graduation -
2016-01-08 Completed 32nd Combat Mission (Operation Tremor) Operation -
2015-12-13 Graduated ARMA3 Ranger Class 042-15 Graduation Citation
2015-12-11 Completed 31st Combat Mission (Operation Battering Ram) Operation -
2015-12-10 Assigned to S1 Uniforms as Additional Duty Assignment -
2015-11-28 Completed 30th Combat Mission (Operation Metalhead) Operation -
2015-11-14 Graduated ARMA3 Basic Armor Crewman Course, Class 046/11/15 Graduation -
2015-11-07 Completed 29th Combat Mission (Operation Edessa Thrust) Operation -
2015-10-31 Completed 28th Combat Mission (Campaign Mythology, Operation Kraken) Operation -
2015-10-27 Received Battlefield Commission to 2nd Lieutenant (O-1), Assigned Platoon Leader 3/B/1-7 Transfer Citation
2015-10-16 Completed 27th Combat Mission (Operation Soft Stone) Operation -
2015-10-08 Completed 26th Combat Mission (Operation Gateway) Operation -
2015-10-07 Graduated ARMA3 Army Reconnaissance Course, Class 036/09/15 Graduation -
2015-09-20 Promoted to Sergeant (E-5) Promotion Citation
2015-09-09 Graduated ARMA3 Fire Support Observers Course, Class 037/09/15 Graduation -
2015-09-05 Graduated ARMA3 Basic Combat Engineering Course, 036/09/15 Graduation -
2015-09-04 Completed 25th Combat Mission (Operation Stone Age) Operation -
2015-08-21 Completed 24th Combat Mission (Operation Stratisgard) Operation -
2015-08-15 Graduated ARMA3 Advanced Cannon Crewman Course, Class 16/08/15 Graduation -
2015-08-14 Completed 23rd Combat Mission (Operation Whiskey Garden) Operation -
2015-08-08 Completed 22nd Combat Mission (Campaign Valhalla, Operation Doppleganger) Operation -
2015-07-31 Relieved of Duties from the Regimental Recruiting Department, Per Request Assignment -
2015-07-17 Completed 21st Combat Mission (Operation Longest Day) Operation -
2015-07-10 Graduated Arma 3 Advance Infantry Training (AIT Phase III) Graduation -
2015-06-30 Assigned to Wiki Administration Group as Additional Duty. Assignment -
2015-06-19 Completed 20th Combat Mission (Campaign Masterwork, Operation Stranglehold) Operation -
2015-06-12 Completed 19th Combat Mission (Campaign Valhalla, Operation Valkyrie) Operation -
2015-06-04 Completed 18th Combat Mission (Campaign Masterwork, Operation Scorpion Patrol) Operation -
2015-06-03 Transferred and Assigned Acting Platoon Sergeant 2/B/1-7 Transfer -
2015-05-30 Graduated ARMA3 Basic Cannon Crewman Course, Class 022/06/15 Graduation -
2015-05-29 Completed 17th Combat Mission (Operation Atlas) Operation -
2015-05-21 Completed 16th Combat Mission (Operation Sideshow) Operation -
2015-05-10 Promoted to Corporal (E-4) Promotion Citation
2015-04-18 Completed 15th Combat Mission (Campaign Valhalla, Operation Midgard) Operation -
2015-04-17 Completed 14th Combat Mission (Operation Morning Star) Operation -
2015-04-11 Transferred and Assigned Squad Leader 1/2/B/1-7 Transfer -
2015-04-07 Assigned to S1 Avatar Shop as Additional Duty Assignment -
2015-04-01 Completed 13th Combat Mission (Campaign Fallen Empire, Operation Pioneer Patrol) Operation -
2015-03-27 Completed 12th Combat Mission (Campaign Marathon, Operation Creeping Dusk) Operation -
2015-03-21 Completed 11th Combat Mission (Campaign Jezebel, Operation Face Off) Operation -
2015-03-21 Completed 10th Combat Mission (Operation Northern Lights) Operation -
2015-03-07 Completed 9th Combat Mission (CampaignValhalla, Operation Fenrir) Operation -
2015-02-27 Completed 8th Combat Mission (Campaign Marathon, Operation New Day) Operation -
2015-02-21 Completed 7th Combat Mission (Campaign Jezebel, Operation Able Sentry) Operation -
2015-02-14 Completed all Requirements of the Recruiter Training (Citation), Assigned Recruiter Assignment Citation
2015-02-14 Completed 6th Combat Mission (Campaign Jezebel, Operation Tug of War) Operation -
2015-02-06 Completed 5th Combat Mission (Operation PFMA) Operation -
2015-01-30 Transferred and Assigned Squad Leader 4/2/B/1-7 Transfer -
2015-01-29 Graduated ARMA3 Basic Radio Communication Course, Class 005/02/15 Graduation -
2015-01-24 Graduated ARMA3 Advanced Individual Training (AIT Phase II) Graduation -
2015-01-23 Completed 4th Combat Mission (Campaign Marathon, Operation Sleepless Night) Operation -
2015-01-17 Completed 3rd Combat Mission (Campaign Marathon, Operation Breaking Storm) Operation -
2015-01-15 Graduated ARMA3 Basic Air Assault Course, Class 003/01/14 Citation Graduation -
2015-01-10 Promoted to Specialist (E-4) Promotion Citation
2015-01-09 Transferred and Assigned Alpha Fireteam Leader 1/2/B/1-7 Transfer -
2014-12-17 Graduated NCOA Warrior Leadership Course Class 11-12-2014 Graduation Citation
2014-12-05 Completed 2nd Combat Mission (Operation Pandora) Operation -
2014-12-04 Assigned to the Regimental Recruiting Department, Recruiter (In Training) as Additional Duty Assignment -
2014-11-28 Completed 1st Combat Mission (Operation Eager Glacier) Operation -
2014-11-21 Graduated ARMA3 Advanced Individual Training (AIT Phase I) Graduation -
2014-11-15 Transferred and Assigned Mechanized Infantry 1/2/B/1-7 Transfer -
2014-11-11 Promoted to Private First Class (E-3) Promotion Citation
2014-10-16 Transferred and Assigned Trooper D/1/TU/1-7 Transfer -
2014-10-12 Graduated Boot Camp, Promoted to Private (E-2) Graduation Citation
2014-10-06 Enlisted in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, Assigned Boot Camp 041/10/14 Transfer -

Awards and recognition

Date Award   Details  
2019-07-17 Army Good Conduct Medal 2nd Bronze Knot Citation
2017-05-21 Humanitarian Service Medal   Citation
2017-04-26 Army Achievement Medal   Citation
2016-10-12 Army Good Conduct Medal 1st Bronze Knot Citation
2016-07-25 Joint Service Commendation Medal Operation Pentagon II Citation
2016-07-01 Armed Forces Service Medal For S1 Dept. 01JAN16-01JUL16 Citation
2016-03-11 7th Cavalry Server Upgrade Award   Citation
2016-03-08 Army Commendation Medal with Valor Device For Operation King's Gambit Citation
2016-02-24 High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) Freefall Badge   Citation
2016-02-08 Army Achievement Medal For Operation Soft Dawn Citation
2016-02-08 Bronze Star with Valor Device Operation Minuteman Citation
2016-02-08 Joint Service Commendation Medal Operation Minutemen Citation
2016-02-08 Defense Meritorious Service Medal   Citation
2016-01-30 Army Commendation Medal with Valor Device For Operation Dracula Citation
2016-01-09 Army Parachutist Badge   Citation
2016-01-01 Armed Forces Service Medal For S1 Dept. 01JUL15 - 01JAN16 Citation
2015-12-19 Donation Ribbon 2nd Award Citation
2015-12-14 Ranger Tab   Citation
2015-11-26 United Nations Service Medal   Citation
2015-10-13 Army Good Conduct Medal   Citation
2015-10-08 Armed Forces Service Medal For S1 Dept. 08APR15-08OCT15 Citation
2015-09-20 NCO Professional Development Ribbon Sergeant Promotion Citation
2015-06-20 Combat Infantry Badge 4th Award   Citation
2015-06-05 Armed Forces Service Medal For RRD Dept. 05DEC14-05JUN15 Citation
2015-05-07 United Nations Service Medal   Citation
2015-04-19 Combat Infantry Badge 3rd Award   Citation
2015-04-03 United Nations Service Medal   Citation
2015-03-22 Combat Infantry Badge 2nd Award   Citation
2015-03-08 Army Commendation Medal with Valor Device For Operation Able Sentry Citation
2015-03-06 Combat Field Medical Badge   Citation
2015-02-10 Army Commendation Medal with Valor Device For Operation Sleepless Night Citation
2015-02-07 Combat Infantry Badge   Citation
2015-01-25 Donation Ribbon 1st Award Citation
2015-01-16 Air Assault Badge   Citation
2015-01-10 Army Achievement Medal For Operation Pandora Citation
2014-11-29 Expert Infantry Badge   Citation
2014-10-12 Grenade Expert Awarded for the completion of one or more of the weapons qualification courses with excellent scores Citation
2014-10-12 Rifle Expert Awarded for the completion of one or more of the weapons qualification courses with excellent scores Citation
2014-10-12 Army Service Ribbon   Citation
2011-06-02 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2010-09-18 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2009-08-10 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2004-09-01 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2003-03-18 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation