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Sergeant Varnado.J



Full name
Joshua Varnado
Primary position
Assistant Section Leader 3/2/C/1-7
Secondary positions
  • S1 Milpacs Clerk
  • S1 Citations Senior
  • S7 ARMA AGCS Instructor
Forum account
Join Date
May 7, 2020
Promotion Date
Jul 17, 2022
Time in service
Years: [2] Months: [4]
Time in grade
Years: [0] Months: [2]

Service record

Date Record Type Citation
2022-08-20 Completed 41st Combat Mission (Operation Hanover East) Operation -
2022-08-09 Relieved of Duties as RRD Processing Clerk Assignment -
2022-07-30 Relieved of Duties as S3 Arma Operations Staff Assignment -
2022-07-22 Relieved of Duties as S7 ARMA TCS Instructor Assignment -
2022-07-21 Assigned S7 ARMA3 AGCS Instructor Assignment -
2022-07-17 Promoted to Sergeant (E-5) Promotion Citation
2022-06-18 Completed 40th Combat Mission (Campaign Blitz Killer. Operation Horse's Catch) Operation -
2022-06-11 Completed 39th Combat Mission (Operation Charlie Company FTX) Operation -
2022-06-10 Completed 38th Combat Mission (Operation Crimson Dawn) Operation -
2022-06-05 Completed 37th Combat Mission (Campaign Overlord 1944. Operation Neptune H-Hour) Operation -
2022-06-05 Completed 36th Combat Mission (Operation Bande de Frères) Operation -
2022-06-03 Completed 35th Combat Mission (Campaign Overlord 1944. Operation Neptune H-4) Operation -
2022-05-29 Completed 34th Combat Mission (Operation Garchomp (Bravo Troop FTX)) Operation -
2022-05-28 Graduated ARMA3 Combat Lifesaver Course Graduation -
2022-05-25 Completed 33rd Combat Mission (Campaign May Warfare Wednesday 2022. Operation Warfare Wednesday 141) Operation -
2022-04-30 Completed 32nd Combat Mission (Campaign Wild East. Operation Rough Aprons) Operation -
2022-04-28 Graduated Officer Development School Graduation -
2022-04-23 Completed 31st Combat Mission (Campaign 17th Parallel. Operation Scotland II) Operation -
2022-04-12 Completed 30th Combat Mission (Campaign April Warfare Wednesday 2022. Operation Warfare Wednesday 135) Operation -
2022-04-10 Completed 29th Combat Mission (Campaign Rogal Dorn. Operation Gravis) Operation -
2022-04-03 Completed 28th Combat Mission (Campaign C/1-7 FTX. Operation Flaming Spear) Operation -
2022-04-02 Completed 27th Combat Mission (Operation Three Days in Zaros) Operation -
2022-04-02 Graduated ARMA3 Tank Commander Course Graduation -
2022-03-30 Completed 26th Combat Mission (Campaign March Warfare Wednesday 2022. Operation Warfare Wednesday 134) Operation -
2022-03-28 Graduated ARMA3 Basic Radio Communication Course Graduation -
2022-03-26 Completed 25th Combat Mission (Campaign 17th Parallel. Operation Hump) Operation -
2022-03-24 Assigned S3 ARMA3 Operations Staff Assignment -
2022-03-23 Completed 24th Combat Mission (Campaign March Warfare Wednesday 2022. Operation Warfare Wednesday 133) Operation -
2022-03-20 Assigned RRD Processing Clerk Assignment -
2022-03-19 Graduated Hell Let Loose Basic Land Navigation and Communications Course Graduation -
2022-03-18 Completed 23rd Combat Mission (Operation Fuchshohle) Operation -
2022-03-09 Completed 22nd Combat Mission (Campaign March Warfare Wednesday 2022. Operation Warfare Wednesday 131) Operation -
2022-03-09 Promoted to Corporal (E-4) Promotion Citation
2022-03-06 Completed 21st Combat Mission (Operation Peninsular Overture II) Operation -
2022-03-02 Completed 20th Combat Mission (Campaign March Warfare Wednesday 2022. Operation Warfare Wednesday 130) Operation -
2022-02-27 Completed 19th Combat Mission (Campaign Mitag. Operation Outstretched Hands) Operation -
2022-02-26 Graduated ARMA3 Basic Air Assault Course Graduation -
2022-02-21 Graduated NCOA Warrior Leadership Course Phase II Graduation -
2022-02-20 Completed 18th Combat Mission (Operation Nerd Rage) Operation -
2022-02-18 Assigned S7 ARMA3 ACE Instructor Assignment -
2022-02-13 Completed 17th Combat Mission (Campaign Rogal Dorn. Operation Phobos) Operation -
2022-02-10 Graduated ARMA3 Advanced Individual Training Course Graduation -
2022-02-10 Transferred and Assigned Assistant Section Leader C/2/C/1-7 Transfer -
2022-02-09 Attended the Server Administration Course Graduation -
2022-01-22 Assigned S1 Citations Senior Assignment -
2022-01-19 Assigned S1 Milpacs Clerk Assignment -
2022-01-15 Completed 16th Combat Mission (Operation Ardennes Offensive 1944) Operation -
2022-01-15 Completed 15th Combat Mission (Operation Shears) Operation -
2021-12-16 Transferred and Assigned Trooper B/2/B/2-7 Transfer -
2021-12-12 Completed 14th Combat Mission (Operation Lost Time - 24 Hour Operation) Operation -
2021-12-08 Completed 13th Combat Mission (Campaign December Warfare Wednesday. Operation Warfare Wednesday 122) Operation -
2021-12-05 Completed 12th Combat Mission (Campaign Shapur Scenarios. Operation Lab Rats) Operation -
2021-11-19 Graduated ARMA3 Advanced Armor Crewman Course Graduation -
2021-11-18 Graduated NCOA Warrior Leadership Course Phase I Graduation -
2021-11-13 Graduated ARMA3 Basic Armor Crewman Course Graduation -
2021-11-10 Promoted to Specialist (E-4) Promotion Citation
2021-10-31 Completed 11th Combat Mission (Operation Tropic Phantom) Operation -
2021-10-30 Assigned S7 ARMA TCS Instructor Assignment -
2021-10-27 Assigned S1 Citations Clerk Assignment -
2021-10-16 Completed 10th Combat Mission (Operation Mate in One) Operation -
2021-10-11 Completed 9th Combat Mission (Operation Heavy Skies) Operation -
2021-10-10 Completed 8th Combat Mission (Operation Zimmer Frei) Operation -
2021-10-08 Graduated ARMA3 Basic Individual Training Course Graduation -
2021-10-03 Completed 7th Combat Mission (Operation Bait and Switch) Operation -
2021-09-30 Completed 6th Combat Mission (Campaign September Warfare Wednesday 2021. Operation Warfare Wednesday 112) Operation -
2021-09-27 Completed 5th Combat Mission (Operation Battle Ox) Operation -
2021-09-20 Completed 4th Combat Mission (Campaign Iron Fist. Operation Wet Pride) Operation -
2021-09-19 Assigned S1 Citations Clerk In Training Assignment -
2021-09-10 Reinstated, Reduction in Rank to Private First Class (E-3), Transferred and Assigned Trooper 3/2/C/1-7 Transfer -
2020-10-26 Honorable Discharge Transfer -
2020-10-05 Transferred and Assigned Airborne Infantry B/1/C/1-7 Transfer -
2020-10-04 Relieved of Duties from the S1 Department, Per Request Assignment -
2020-09-03 Transferred and Assigned Reservist Transfer -
2020-08-14 Promoted to Specialist (E-4) Promotion Citation
2020-07-26 Assigned to S1 Uniforms as Additional Duty Assignment -
2020-07-18 Transferred and Assigned Fixed Wing Pilot Trainee B/2/A/1-7 Transfer -
2020-06-15 Promoted to Private First Class (E-3) Promotion Citation
2020-06-14 Graduated ARMA3 Basic Mechanized Crewman Course Graduation -
2020-06-13 Completed 3rd Combat Mission (Campaign Boiler Plate. Operation Striker Charlie) Operation -
2020-06-12 Graduated ARMA3 Basic Land Navigation Course Graduation -
2020-05-31 Completed 2nd Combat Mission (Operation Anvil) Operation -
2020-05-30 Completed 1st Combat Mission (Operation Steel Cloud) Operation -
2020-05-23 Graduated ARMA3 Basic Mechanized Infantry Course Graduation -
2020-05-17 Graduated Boot Camp, Promoted to Private (E-2) Graduation Citation
2020-05-17 Transferred and Assigned Cavalry Scout C/2/B/1-7 Transfer -
2020-05-07 Enlisted in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, Assigned Boot Camp Graduation -

Awards and recognition

Date Award   Details  
2022-07-01 Bronze Star with Valor Device Operation Horse's Catch Citation
2021-12-10 Army Achievement Medal 7th Cavalry Regiment Contributions Citation
2022-05-03 Army Good Conduct Medal   Citation
2020-07-29 National Defense Service Medal   Citation
2020-07-29 Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal   Citation
2022-04-02 Donation Ribbon 7th Award Citation
2022-03-06 Donation Ribbon 6th Award Citation
2022-02-04 Donation Ribbon 5th Award Citation
2021-10-02 Donation Ribbon 4th Award Citation
2021-09-11 Donation Ribbon 3rd Award Citation
2020-08-31 Donation Ribbon 2nd Award Citation
2020-07-29 Donation Ribbon 1st Award Citation
2022-01-14 StackUp Donation Medal   Citation
2022-07-17 NCO Professional Development Ribbon Sergeant Promotion Citation
2020-05-17 Army Service Ribbon   Citation
2022-04-09 United Nations Service Medal Campaign March Warfare Wednesday 2022 Citation
2021-10-29 Overseas Service Ribbon   Citation
2022-06-10 D-Day Commemorative Medal   Citation
2011-06-02 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2010-09-18 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2009-08-10 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2004-09-01 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2003-03-18 Army & Air Force Presidential Unit Citation   Citation
2021-12-08 Army Superior Unit Citation S7 Department FY2021 Citation
2020-05-30 Expert Infantry Badge   Citation
2021-09-26 Combat Infantry Badge   Citation
2021-10-16 Combat Infantry Badge 2nd Award   Citation
2022-01-15 Combat Infantry Badge 3rd Award   Citation
2022-03-02 Combat Infantry Badge 4th Award   Citation
2022-02-26 Air Assault Badge   Citation
2022-04-02 Master Gunner Badge   Citation
2020-05-17 Rifle Sharpshooter   Citation
2020-05-17 Grenade Sharpshooter   Citation