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  1. Mariani.S

    Operation [ARMA3][Special Event] Operation Desert Saber - 21MAY22 - 1800Z

    I would like to be Tank Commander for SABER-2-4
  2. Mariani.S

    AAR ARMA 3 Campaign Back Again - Operation A Million Standing Petals

    Element Callsign: DAO-3-4 Mortar Mortar Leader: Sergeant Mariani.S Mortar Gunner: Specialist Whitehead.B Mortar Assistant: Private Zaren.T Pros: Communication between DAO-6 for call for fire Team Communications were on point and effective Team was fast on setting up ranges and correcting fire...
  3. Mariani.S

    AAR ARMA 3 | Campaign September Warfare Wednesday | Warfare Wednesday 110

    Element Callsign: Gunslinger-1 Element Leader: SPC Mariani.S FTLs: SSGT Centeno.JP, CPL Morrow.J Pros: Coms on PLT Net were organized Fireteams where well lead and had veteran players, thus Good inter Squad communication. Both Squads kept good tempo even though 1st had multiple mass cas's Love...
  4. Mariani.S

    [ARMA 3][Alpha Company FTX] Operation soaring Hawk - 15AUG21 - 2100Z

    I would like to attend as HORNET 3 S.mariani c/2/2
  5. Mariani.S

    Operation [ARMA3][External Joint OP][TvT] - 31JUL21 2359Z

    I would like to attend, FW Pilot and RW if no slots at available
  6. Mariani.S

    Operation [ARMA3][Operation] Operation Northern Lights - Phase II - 07MAR21 - 1900Z

    I would line to attend as WASP 2, SPC.MARIANI.S, 2/2/C/1-7