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What is Fox Company?

Discussion in 'Public Announcements' started by Savage.T, Mar 14, 2019.

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    S3 - Post Scriptum Operations Lead
    The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment, home of the Yellow and Black. We've been around since October 15th, 2002. We were founded on the principles of tactical realism and brotherhood in the Call of Duty days. We work tirelessly to provide a fun, professional, memorable experience for all our brothers and sisters. We bond together over the love of Gaming, MilSim, History, & Brotherhood. We have over 300 active members that play Arma 3, Squad, Post Scriptum, & Digital Combat Simulator! While in game we emulate American Unit, we are an international organization with members from countries all over the world!

    What is Fox Company

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Fox Company is dedicated to Post Scriptum, & all things World War II! You can find out more about us below!

    4 Operations & Combat Mission Per Week


    Each week 7th Cavalry Troopers clash together on the battlefield! We often participate with the Post Scriptum Development Team, and Other Clans within the game to create realistic, immersive, memorable experiences for all.

    • Wednesday Night Post Scriptum 2359z 8PM EST
      - Classic Post Scriptum Game Mode 6+ Clans.
      - An event organized since the release of the game.
      - Score Offically Kept Each Week & Teams Rotated.

    • Friday Night World War II 0100z 9PM EST
      - Fun Post Scriptum Operation Game Modes:
      - Capture the Wagon
      - King of the 88
      - The Last Panzer

    • Saturday & Sunday 1800z or 1900z 2PM-3PM EST
      - Realistic Post Scriptum MilSim Events:
      - 1-Life Patrol Operations with other MilSim Units create truly realistic gameplay
      - Wave Spawn Events allow troopers the same immersive realistic play with a change to get back into the action!

    Weekly Trainings for each Squad


    Members of Fox Company are broken into Three Platoons. Each Platoon has 3-4 full sized Squads, where troopers get together each week and train in all things WW2 History and Post Scriptum gameplay.

    Fox Company (Post Scriptum)
    1st Platoon Fox Company (Infantry)

    A/1/F/1-7: Sunday 2200z - SPC.Krinkle.J
    B/1/F/1-7: Monday 0200z - SPC.Conquest.C
    C/1/F/1-7: Sunday 2000z - SPC.Johnson.W
    D/1/F/1-7: Closed

    2nd Platoon Fox Company (Infantry)
    A/2/F/1-7: Thursday 2200z - SPC.Palmero.B
    B/2/F/1-7: Saturday 1700z - CPL.Velasquez.J
    C/2/F/1-7: Sundays 2200z - PFC.Dunn.O
    D/2/F/1-7: Tuesdays/Thursdays 2100z - PFC.Troop.D

    3rd Platoon Fox Company (Infantry)
    A/3/F/1-7: Friday 2300z - PFC.Gallagher.P
    B/3/F/1-7: Wednesdays 2300z - CPL.Rivers.J
    C/3/F/1-7: Saturday 2000z - CPL.Ronen.R
    D/3/F/1-7: Closed​

    Post Scriptum School of Infantry

    Basic Infantry Combat Training
    BICT is focused on learning basic infantry skills and knowledge. The class is 150 minutes (2.5 hours) long. There is a classroom portion followed by practices and a final FTX. Troopers will learn:
    • Equipment & Weapon Systems
    • Basic Infantry Formations
    • Basic Infantry Tactics w/Armor
    • Basic Communication
    • Phases of the Attack

    Monthly Weapons Qualifications

    Fox Company Staff hosts Weapons Qualification events every month! This allows new and old troopers alive to qualify with the M1 Garand, .30 Cal, 1911 Pistol, Mk.2 Grenade, M1A1 Bazooka, and the M7 Rifle Grenade! Be sure and practice! You can only qualify once every 6 months!

    Exclusive Early Access w/Devs

    This is a very exciting opportunity for the 7th Cav! Please be on your best behavior & I encourage all to sign up, as this is a great privilege, and an on going opportunity throughout the games development cycle.

    The next play test will happen this weekend, or next week. And in the coming weeks as new features and things are added.

    True to our Roots

    We keep meticulous records here at Fox Company. When you contribute here, you help better each and every one of us, and we will not forget it. We honor all retired, discharged, and fallen troopers, to never forget them or their contributions to the Cavalry

    Honored Retirees of Fox Company o7
    Thompson.S SGT "Sar'nt"
    Marcello.N SGT "Stranger"
    Hawkes.K CPL "Cap'n Crater"
    Boris.C SGT


    Starter Platoon Creed
    "Wir kämpfen bis zum letzten mann"
    "We fight to the last man"

    Fox Company Creed
    “We are now in this war. We are all in it. All the way!”
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