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Update to Hotline Post Process

Discussion in 'Hotline bulletin board' started by Kleinman.H, Aug 24, 2020.

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  1. Kleinman.H

    Kleinman.H Regimental Executive Officer General Active Member

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    Sec Ops - Officer In Charge, JAG - Chief Judge Advocate General
    All Concerned,

    Please let this posting serve as notice that after a long period of reflection and intense discussion, we are making hotline reports no longer anonymous to GenStaff. Our original hope was that by removing names we'd engender a higher number of high quality reports and remove any potential fear of direct reprisal.

    The on the ground reality however is that the overwhelming majority of reports fall into one of three states;
    1. Insufficient detail to be directly actionable, we'd love to ask questions but don't have a name to go ask them from.
    2. Something that ideally we'd want to discuss with the reporter in private rather than address to the unit as a whole
    3. Inflammatory, or otherwise Crap post in general
    Note that we also on occasion get outstanding hotline submissions that have enough detail to be actionable or at least get a look started into something, but over the past several years this has been the exception by far and certainly not close to the average.

    As such, and in accordance with context we've posted publicly in the past, we want to get more out of this and to do that we are changing it to be tagged with your name. This will only be visible to GenStaff + CSM, and as always isn't shared past that point.

    This will enable us to follow up where needed if additional information would be helpful, or otherwise reach out if something is better first discussed further privately.

    Hopefully it will also serve to deflect some of the most vitriolic postings we've encountered over the past few years that were little more than a tornado of explicatives and rage.

    We feel comfortable doing this as there's never been a documented case of the GenStaff + CSM members going after someone ( and should it occur we have processes to deal with such matters. )

    Thank you in advance for the understanding, this change to service should be considered effective with this posting.
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