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Trying to figure out why I was banned from teamspeak?

Discussion in 'Issues with the 7th Cavalry' started by Koch.S, Jan 8, 2018.

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  1. Koch.S

    Koch.S Specialist Discharged

    I know I've messed up a few times in the Tact 2 server which I am sorry for, but I've been blamed for multiple things I haven't done, anything that would go wrong on an operation I would be blamed for when I had no part in doing it, for instance I was blamed for taking things out of a certain persons back pack while we were being briefed but I was sitting there AFK texting/scrolling through facebook and I had nothing of the person's belongings in my rucksack nor were they on the ground and in the arsenal inventory. I feel that with me playing under my name since I messed up recently, anything that goes wrong in an operation automatically gets blamed on me. I had to change my name cause I still had Cav tags since last time I was in the CAV which was a year and a half ago, I just started playing ARMA 3 again right after christmas so I forgot how to do everything and forgot how to switch profiles, well I changed my name and last night I did 4 different operations and nothing went wrong at all, the operations went smoothly. If you would like to know the name in which I played under last night, the name I played under was N2wry.

    I tried to log in to teamspeak and Arma cause I was gonna play under N2wry and try and show people that not all the operation mess ups were my fault.

    Again I'm sorry that I messed things up recently, but I was seriously trying to turn a new chapter last night and continue doing so tonight in which I found this out.
  2. Jarvis.A

    Jarvis.A IMO Officer in Charge Colonel Active Member

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