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    First of all I would like to say they I truly enjoy all the time and effort the 7th Cav puts into maintaining stable and engaging public servers. I have spent over two years playing on Cav servers. Most of my time was spent with the Nam group. As a retired Marine I am pleased to see combined operations run as smooth as most of them do with public players mixed with Cav members.

    I have been cornered by several recruiters over the years about joining. My usual response is that having a time commitment to a game doesn’t fit well with my personal life. The real reason is I have been pushed out of every position I enjoy doing on larger ops for my entire time playing on these servers. How am I supposed to know if I would enjoy joining when I am given a rifle and told to load the heli. That’s not my cup of tea on tac2. I killed more Vietnamese than long cancer sneaking through the jungle, and I enjoy the change up.

    I completely understand the necessity of filling leadership positions with Cav members to keep continuity of operation. I am not interested in herding the cats anyway. 24 years was enough for me. I enjoy playing support rolls. I have even driven a fuel/ammo truck around for armor for several hours at a time to support armor. Placing every single support role as a Cav member defeats the purpose of a public op and creates an illusion of a public op. If the intent isn’t to be public don’t make it so, or when posting the OP O state that public players will be limited to infantry so those of us that schedule our day join you can do something else.

    I mean this post as no disrespect, but this is something I have seen in every major operation over the past 2 years on both servers. I felt the need to post something when I was asked to get out of 5 different slots to players in the Cav that I have yet to see in the public server.

    With Respect,

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    Since no one else is replying and I don't wan't you to feel we are not listening; this issue is being posted by some members in our AAR of the main operation, and will be a matter of discussion going forward.

    As for the specific instance, being I am the one of the members that asked you to vacate a slot. Should you so choose, please find and ding me on teamspeak at any point to discuss why that decision was made.
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    Thank you very much for your feedback and for being a guest on our server! Hope to continue to see you around.
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    Thanks for replying Mitsuma. The most I can say based on your comments is that we are discussing at the command level how we organize ourselves in operations like this as a result of this and other feedback both from the public and our members.
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    Thank you for the reply. I spoke to several different members of the leadership team last night. I have a clearer understanding of how this becomes a trend. I greatly appreciate efforts to increase the overall fun factor for every player, and I welcome any discussions to this end.

    @Mitsuma.R it wasn't any specific request. I joined the server an hour early. I assumed positions would be consumed quickly. I am more than flexible it just so happened that your request was the 5th one. All air assets, all engineer spots, all medic slots, and the MBT slots. I joined back up a few hours later and played into the night.

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