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The Combat Action Badge (CAB)

Discussion in 'Public Suggestion Box' started by Noricka.R, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Noricka.R

    Noricka.R E/2-7 Trooper Private First Class Active Member

    as an armor crewman I saw a many Vietnam veterans who served in combat and only one did I see wearing the combat infantryman's badge it actually had to go 11 Bravo as a secondary MOS to earn it 19 series combat arms are not authorized to wear the CIB these are only issued 11 series MOS

    some may know in the war on terror a lot of 19 kilo tankers were sent to Iraq without their tanks and actually had to fight in Humvees and dismounted combat which was not the job that they were trained for and armored units suffered heavily So many soldiers were lost and killed in close combat

    overcome this shortcoming Commanding General of the armor Center awarded a $1000000 contract to the Mixed Martial Arts school of Jiu-Jitsu school taught by the Gracie family

    In 2005 to recognize the fact that soldiers were used on Patrols that were mechanics, Artillery and military police United States Army instituted the Combat Action Badge


    I would like to suggest that the 7th Cavalry issue armor crewman and military police in lieu of infantry combat badge

    thank you
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  2. Morrow.J

    Morrow.J C/1-7 Trooper Corporal Active Member

    My brother has his CAB, ARCOM with valor from Iraq. He did many dismounted actions.
  3. Chance.JT

    Chance.JT Regimental Commander GOA Active Member

    Due to the added complexity of having to verify if a trooper operated an armored vehicle as opposed to performing an infantry function, and that troopers in the 7th often change roles, we award the CIB for participating in official operations.
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  4. Kinser.E

    Kinser.E C/2-7 ASL Specialist Active Member

    Secondary Billets:
    S1 - Operations Clerk
    I have a CAB from combat in Iraq and I was an 88 recovery tank operator just from having combat missions in Iraq in 2004 it was told to us that it is a CIB for non infantry soldiers as you said.
  5. Noricka.R

    Noricka.R E/2-7 Trooper Private First Class Active Member

    First I would like to respond to the general I understand where you're coming from keep it simple it's as easy as this the only people in the 7th Cav who can earn the Combat Action Badge would be armor members who have passed basic armor School and at the same time that you would award am a combat infantryman badge you simply substituted with the badge they would be given if they were really in a unit serving direct combat you should be simple as a delegation but the person is already issuing these CIB out would simply just swap it with a close Action Badge

    Thank you for your service Kinser you guys on the M88 we're so important to us one time am I became immobilized it took over 24 hours to pull it off the mountain it took another 12 - 18 hours to repair the vehicle and we slept inside the 88 it was like a big hotel room I remember sitting in the corner eating beans and weenies warm and comfortable

    I respect the combat infantryman's badge and I respect those men and what they have to done to get it when I was in the army when I had a chance to take Air Assault School with my tank company only because we had a lieutenant who is an armor officer Airborne and Air Assault School he thought it was important for us tankers have the opportunity challenge ourselves an an a badge on our chests most of our medics had the expert medic badge the tankers we were left out

    As a veteran I'm cautious about Awards and citations I have my own medals ribbons and qualification badges One of the prized Awards I received is a German weapon qualification award in silver this is no joke to get I think everybody who went to the range with our sister Panzer battalion thought they were going to walk home with that award there's a lot of surprised people who failed and you don't get the chance to get that everyday but the cool thing about this environment with a virtual Cavalry Squadron and it gives us a chance to build up an impressive virtual Soldier

    that being said I believe in keeping it real I joined this unit because I was told You you prefer to use real world tactics and I found this to be true I believe that just as an infantry Soldier has a blue shoulder cord artillery red and armor yellow tends to reinforced Esprit decor I don't want to see a grunt wearing a yellow shoulder cord because yellow is ours and blue is theirs I feel the same way about the combat badge I would rather have distinction and uniqueness wearing the close combat Action Badge then to wear the combat infantryman badge
  6. Morrow.J

    Morrow.J C/1-7 Trooper Corporal Active Member

    The idea is a good one on paper but frankly it creates more work than is necessary, and the process would simply be adding layers to a process that does t need them. Other elements of milpace would suffer due to the extra effort required by what you suggest. Our guys do a top job as it is and already take on a lot.
  7. Jarvis.A

    Jarvis.A IMO Officer in Charge Brigadier General Active Member

    Yes, we try and keep a lot of realism in how we function - but at the end of the day we’re also a volunteer organisation playing several video games spanning multiple time periods and universes

    Unfortunately, we cannot please everyone. So we’ll be sticking with the CIB to make the jobs of our S1 staff far easier

    Thanks for the suggestion
  8. Emerson.D

    Emerson.D Aide to the Chief of Staff 1st Lieutenant Active Member

    This is an award that used to be delivered back in the old Call of Duty days in the 7th Cavalry Regiment. A reference to an individual who received this award linked here:https://7cav.us/rosters/profile?uniqueid=171

    This was awarded to a trooper who did something in combat that was not worthy of the lowest graded combat medal however, was deemed worthy of recognition by the superiors in the operation.

    Because there was no citation nor awarded device as a milpac entry of any kind, it became nearly impossible to track for it was a uniform addition only. Due in part to this clerical nightmare and expectation of maintaining who has it, who doesn't have it, and who missed it being put back on their uniform with each new update, the award was discontinued.

    The awardees still have their CAB grandfathered and maintained with uniform updates to this day. However, even the posts of the awards are lost to websites passed.

    In conclusion, in order to evaluate the validity of re-introducing the award, a new citation, entry, award posting, and criteria for the award would need to be made. However, as General Chance stated, we already have the CIB.
  9. Noricka.R

    Noricka.R E/2-7 Trooper Private First Class Active Member

  10. Dracborne.W

    Dracborne.W 1-7 SP Squad Leader Sergeant Active Member

    Fun Fact, they were given out back in 2012 for a 'Knife the General's' event that took place across COD4/COD5/WaW/BF3. Back in the day, it was considered very uncouth to knife the General Staff in public games but the event allowed for some high spirited shenanigans and a ton of fun with the full General Staff playing nightly with us during the event. There is only a couple of us left on active status with them on our MILPACs.
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  11. Rogers.S

    Rogers.S A/2-7 Commander Captain Active Member

    Secondary Billets:
    RTC - Officer In Charge, Military Police - Staff
    Got mine in that event in 2012, Cav hunt for Gen Staff
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  12. Draven.E

    Draven.E B/2-7 Trooper Specialist Active Member

    That was a really fun event. Miss those days.
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