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[Tac2 + General] Shactac Replacement: but better

Discussion in 'Public Suggestion Box' started by Kal Athens, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. There's a nifty mod that's come out, that's Shactac but better. DUI Squad Radar

    Quick overview of features:

    • Can assign a 'buddy' - changes player's icon on radar. No miss-remembering your buddy.
    • Color-change on radar when you're out of formation. Works for whichever formation is presently set.
    • It's customizable, which can allow clients to setup their radar however they'd like
    • It doesn't look like it was made for Arma 2 (which ST was)
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  2. Black.A

    Black.A C/1-7 Section Leader Specialist Active Member

    I love this! mainly because it seems it does not force name plates when you look at them.
    We have STUI and ACE3 that both display names... This results in my screen being full of names! I hate it. ACE3 name plates are great, STUI are annoying and invasive to the immersive experience.

    I looked at the settings screenshot. Do you know if you can turn off the hexagons as well?

    This looks great! I love some of the other little tools it offers.
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