Superior Unit Award (3/B/1-7) Awarded - 07AUG19 - S1 Completed

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    Secondary Billets:
    S1 - Executive Officer, S3 - ODS Instructor
    The Superior Unit Award
    Is Awarded To

    Third Platoon
    Bravo Troop
    1st Battalion

    For fostering an atmosphere of high engagement, growth, and professionalism as evidenced by growing from two sections at the beginning of the year to four; for cultivating an engaging culture of camaraderie and brotherhood; and for consistent operation attendance, class participation, and recruitment efforts over a six month period from March to August 2019. Their superior dedication and engagement is a credit to themselves, Bravo Troop, 1st Battalion, and the 7th Cavalry Regiment as a whole.

    Second Lieutenant Hank Atherton
    Second Lieutenant Tom Gerrish
    Sergeant First Class Apollo Nexhex
    Sergeant Lorenzo Bonder
    Specialist Artyom Morozov
    Corporal Caleb Conway
    Corporal Therman Mermen
    Corporal David Focus
    Corporal Ulrich Raeder
    Corporal Elmer Watt Frazier
    Specialist Natasha Palmer
    Specialist Temi Fontaine
    Specialist Benjamin Nodland
    Private First Class Samuel Payne
    Sergeant Eb Molyneux
    Corporal Ewan Barton
    Corporal Silyar Tsin
    Specialist Rick Maclure
    Specialist Ezikiel Goldberg
    Specialist Sin Bail
    Private First Class Del Bowden
    Private First Class Pavel Rozhkov
    Private First Class John Penfold
    Sergeant Jake Grimm
    Sergeant Alexander Blackburn
    Corporal Alberic Corveaux
    Corporal Tommy Savage
    Corporal Douglas Troop
    Specialist Kyle Gibbs
    Specialist Zachary Knights
    Specialist Davion Walker
    Private First Class Josha Rex
    Private First Class Vanilla Lucy
    Private First Class Cooper Naman
    Private First Class Benjamin Wolf

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    Processed S1/Milpacs updated.
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    Not everyday you get to be awarded a unit citation. Congratulations :p
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    Congrats all...