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Stack-up 2020 Campaign

Discussion in 'Public Announcements' started by York.K, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. York.K

    York.K B/1-7 Executive Officer 1st Lieutenant Active Member

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    What is Stack-Up.Org?


    Stack-Up is a charity founded by a veteran of the U.S. Army, Stephen Machuga. It initially started by sending video games and gaming equipment overseas to service men and women deployed. Their motto is 'Veterans are Our Mission. Gaming is Our Passion.' One of their core beliefs is that video gaming can have a positive impact on mental health. They now have four main program areas.


    *Stats as of 2019*
    Supply Crate Program

    Serving members can register to become eligible for a Supply Crate for their unit deployed. Instead of receiving second-hand romance novels, your unit could be un-crating a care package full of video gaming and nerd goodness. They also send packages to hospitals and VA centers.


    Air Assault Program
    Stack-Up hand picks deserving serving members and veterans and pays for them to attend video game and geek culture events such as E3, PAX, ComiCon and a host of others around the U.S. People can nominate serving members or veterans for the program.



    The StOP Initiative


    The StOP Squad is trained and certified specifically to assist in crisis intervention, suicide prevention, and issues concerning the mental health of those in current or previous military duty and civilians. They have trained and certified crisis counselors available 24/7/365 through their Discord Server. You can join the server and message one of the StOP Squad quickly and easily.


    The Stacks Program

    Stack-Up has 'Stacks' throughout North America and the world. Being a U.S. based charity the majority of the stacks are in the U.S. The stacks are local support groups and focal points for fundraising and supporting volunteer work.

    Why and How are We Supporting Stack-Up?

    We support Stack-Up because it is a worthwhile cause and their values closely align with our own. We support our active-duty service members, veterans and civilian gamers alike. Our members can register or be nominated to take advantage of the Supply Crate and Air Assault programs. The 24/7/365 crisis counselors are available via their discord server to talk to anyone who needs to talk but wants to do it anonymously and because it's discord, it's easy.

    How we are going to support them is as follows:
    • We will have their logo on our front page, linking to this post to drive awareness.
    • We will be running a fundraising event in November to raise funds for them. From 25 FEB 20 until 31 DEC 20, we will be asking our members to reach out to friends and family to raise money to support the organization. Our goal for fundraising is $5,000.00. With the level of dedication and effort we do as a brotherhood I feel that this is easily achievable as last year we raised over 5,000.00$ As this is just the current goal, there is nothing saying we cannot push farther and lead at the front lines with the Yellow and Black!

    Setup and Registration

    If you have any questions about this or would like to help out in any way, please feel free to contact me.

    Also if you have any streaming questions or any questions regarding Stack-Up please feel free to contact Deity#3901 aka Sean. He will be more than happy to help with any issues regarding streaming.


    2nd Lieutenant Kyle York
    7th Cavalry Gaming Community Stack-Up Team Leader
  2. Morrow.J

    Morrow.J 1-7 SP Member Corporal Active Member

    This is a great cause! I will defo be supporting it this year now that I am employed! I am glad that we are supporting them once again this year!
  3. Beamer.J

    Beamer.J E/2-7 Trooper Specialist Active Member

    great cause, glad I’m able to help!
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  4. Hilton.T

    Hilton.T C/2-7 ASL Specialist Active Member

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    Im in!
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  5. Lamb.J

    Lamb.J B/1-7 Section Leader Staff Sergeant Active Member

    Amen!! I'm in!!
  6. Davidson.J

    Davidson.J B/1-7 ASL Corporal Active Member

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    I'm in! But do I put in the $5,000 in the "my fundraising goal" box for is that just or me personally?
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  7. Hilton.T

    Hilton.T C/2-7 ASL Specialist Active Member

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    you would put your personal goal for donations.