SQUAD Operation Red Gamble 14APR18 2359Z

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    Secondary Billets:
    S3 - Squad SOI Instructors, Regimental Recruiting - Senior Recruiter
    This is an internal operation and all 7th Cav Members are encouraged to join! This will be the first extraction mission S3 has run. Please make sure to download the necessary mods to join this operation. Operation Red Gamble starts at 2359 Zulu (1859) / 2000 Eastern this Saturday! Members click here to sign up!

    Want to join the Cav in private operations? Speak to a recruiter in our teamspeak on ts3.7cav.us password 7thCavalry or click here to enlist!



    1500z (1100EST) (1000), February 23, 2014 - Turtas Туртас. Deep in the Russian woods.
    Ukrainian rebels are rising up and causing destruction with backing from Russia. Local intelligence suggests that the Russian support is rising to a new high. Drone footage has spotted many shipments of nuclear grade material being shipped to a large chemical factory, awaiting a train into the Ukraine. Only after Echo Company arrived was US Intel able to confirm the presence of Russian Spetnaz guarding the Factory. The "All Go" has been given anyway. Echo Company prepares for a brawl at the factory!

    The Mission for Echo Company:

    1. Mark rail junction/loading bay with smoke.
    2. Load warheads into MRAPs.
    3. Retrieve Russian supplied arms and equipment to base.

    Winning Conditions:

    -Rail Station is Destroyed

    -Russian Equipment and Nuke components retrieved
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