Server Upgrade Awards - 16 Jan 2020

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  1. Chance.JT

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    The Server Upgrade Medal


    For making a donation to the 7th Cavalry Server Upgrade to Xenforo 2

    Is Awarded To

    --Regimental Headquarters--

    Staff Sergeant Micah Whitsel

    Chief Warrant Officer 2 Gareth Collins
    Brigadier General Stefan Baeder


    Major Rip Tharen


    Captain Justin Robbi
    Corporal Matthew Dread
    Specialist Joseph Day
    Chief Warrant Officer 2 Dave Raynor
    First Lieutenant Sam Windeck
    Chief Warrant Officer 3 Ob Cosme
    Specialist Mathijs Tiddens
    First Sergeant Patrick Summerfield
    Specialist Samuel Fisher


    Corporal Harry Blake
    Captain Mike LaCombe
    Corporal Del Bowden
    First Sergeant Apollo Nexhex
    Specialist Franck Dubois
    Specialist Charlie Hobbs
    Corporal Brandon Miller
    Second Lieutenant Jon Thor
    First Lieutenant Adam Waldie
    Staff Sergeant Justin Anderson
    Specialist David Dev
    Corporal Edward Dallas
    Specialist Leonard Eagas
    Corporal Al Kubbo
    Sergeant Ulrich Raeder


    Major Michael Rosefield
    Corporal David Walsh
    Corporal Sammy Muir
    Corporal David D'Amico
    Specialist Bradley Ratliff
    Corporal Charles Wisser
    Private First Class Arin Lindberg
    Private First Class Nik Liber
    Private First Class Joe Kelly
    Corporal Tyler Couvillion
    Staff Sergeant Blake Seaman
    Sergeant Inoue Katsu
    Sergeant Patrick Burton
    Corporal Marco Crapachi
    Private First Class Jonathan Perez
    Corporal Dan Maco
    Corporal Nate Thumper
    Corporal Mark Eversmann
    Corporal Eb Molyneux
    Specialist Diller Carson


    Major Zachary Larouche


    Private First Class Brad Pregeant
    Second Lieutenant Samuel Medic
    Captain Jareck Hollenshead
    Specialist Colt Samson
    Private First Class Ben Conway
    Sergeant Jack Edwards
    Private First Class Eric Draven
    Private First Class Tim Bell


    Corporal John Velasquez
    First Lieutenant Zack Weeks
    Major Jon Czar
    Private First Class Geoffrey Marteau
    First Sergeant Petey Claxton
    Sergeant Craig Thorpe
    Corporal Renan Grey


    Second Lieutenant Dorian Sharkey
    Reservist Don Bergman
    Reservist Elmer Watt Frazier


    Corporal John Childs
    Sergeant Carl Taylor


    Specialist Kyle Laning
    Private First Class Morgan Erickson

    Congratulations, and thank you!
  2. Conway.B

    Conway.B C/2-7 Platoon Staff Sergeant Active Member

    Secondary Billets:
    S1 - Milpacs Clerk, Regimental Recruiting - Recruiter, S3 - Hell Let Loose Operations Staff
    Congratulations all, thank you for your monetary contributions to the Cav.
  3. Miller.B

    Miller.B B/1-7 Trooper Corporal Active Member

    Secondary Billets:
    S1 - Milpacs Lead
    Im dying with the donation awards, GOA trying to bury MILPACS. Will get right on it Sir! Congrats and thanks everyone!
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  4. Pregeant.B

    Pregeant.B C/2-7 Section Leader Specialist Active Member

    Secondary Billets:
    S3 - Hell Let Loose SOI Instructor
    Good work all
  5. Vermeulen.A

    Vermeulen.A S1 Officer in Charge Major Active Member

    Pending a rework of the citation, apologies for delay
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  6. Sharkey.D

    Sharkey.D Reservist In Command 2nd Lieutenant Active Member

    Secondary Billets:
    S1 - Operational Clerk Lead, S1 - Milpacs Lead, S2 - Senior Investigator, S1 - Citation Clerk