S3 Training Schools Update

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    We've recently re-organized some schools within the Regiment. The Ranger program and the Jump School have been moved under the umbrella of the S3 Department and established as schools. The Ranger School and The Airborne School have been stood up. SGM.Tully is the Lead Ranger and SGT.Draco is the Senior Jumpmaster. The S3 Department has been quite busy continuing to develop new courses and we have moved some courses around to offer an even better selection.

    New Courses

    The Airborne School has added a Jumpmaster course. This course focuses on the duties of the Jumpmaster from planning, to preparation and the conduct of multiple aircraft drops. This course awards the Senior Parachutist Badge.

    The School of Infantry has added the Ambush Patrolling Course, formerly the Ranger Patrolling Course. This course focuses on the theory and execution of hasty, deliberate and anti-armor ambushes.

    The School of Infantry has completed the new Basic Radio Communications Course, updated for ACRE. Classes are already scheduled, check the class announcements to sign up.

    The Air Cav Vietnam Aviation Training Center has completed and is currently running their Advanced Fixed-Wing Qualification Course. This course teaches elements of air-to-ground and air-to-air combat.

    Upcoming Courses

    The School of Infantry will be scheduling a roll-out of the brand new EOD course by mid-April. This class covers common equipment, BLUFOR and OPFOR munitions and has an extensive practical portion that covers UXO and IED clearance, placement of area denial munitions, using demolitions to breach obstacles and marking routes through enemy minefields.

    The School of Infantry is now well along in the development process for the Urban Operations Course which covers the essentials of fighting in built-up areas.

    The Cavalry School is rolling out a newly updated Basic Mechanized Crewman Course that covers the basics of driving and gunning an armored fighting vehicle.

    The Arma 3 Aviation Center of Excellence is currently working on a helicopter crew course. It is well along in development and will be an excellent addition to the school.

    The Squad School of Infantry is currently working on its own EOD course and an Indirect Fire Infantryman course that covers use of mortars in Squad. Make stuff go boom!

    The Ranger School is in its last week of testing for the new Sniper School. The long wait is at last nearly over. Stand by for a posting soon of the next Ranger Selection Course.

    Lastly, our brethren in the Vietnam AO are working on the ########REDACTED######## tab program that will feature a pioneer, reconnaissance and marksman course amongst other goodies!

    To wrap up, thank you to the absolute boat-load of people who are working their tails off to produce this high quality content for all of us. Thank you!
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    All The Way!!
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    Good to hear! Well done and thanks to all for their efforts.
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    Can't wait too sign up for some of them.
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    Wish I could! But i'm stuck in the middle of the woods...